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I wonder if he come on this Posted over a year ago
ok i am done with this oh princeton my boo no he is not i am not saying that u cannot like him i am saying that if he do not like u ok u can be his frend or something just stop all that mess i do not like it.some people say that they want to have sex with him and that is just ewwwww ok so stop plz.some times u do not now that but u can hert his feelings ok i do not want that to happen to him so plz stop.and do not say i am his mom ok some people say that so thx i hope u guys see this Posted over a year ago
kenyabunny commented…
ikr like on Facebook girlz on fb they be like i love u baby you boo and other crazy stuff or i kisses Prinston like what is that over a year ago
i do not like him like that i want to be a friend that is all i am diffent from all of you people so that is people can say you are stupd i do not care i am nice. but princeton you are the best so i love you as a friend not like i like u so i well not go crazy for you. if you want we can be friendsso you people DO NOT GO CRAZY PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
army25242 commented…
Listen I am just like you I am not like these girls well sometimes I am but not all the times. over a year ago