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stella2014 gave me props for my images
can u join my club?


thank u!! Posted over a year ago
stella2014 gave me props for my images
hi how are u? Posted over a year ago
centurion64 commented…
thanks for the prop :) over a year ago
stella2014 commented…
No problemo over a year ago
centurion64 said about Spore
Hey! why it's so quite here ? Posted over a year ago
ranmalps commented…
i have no idea,by the way love the picture over a year ago
RealVanellope commented…
hi over a year ago
centurion64 commented…
yea ? over a year ago
centurion64 said about Coraline
hey! why it so empty?! Posted over a year ago
NightFrog commented…
Good question.. over a year ago
centurion64 said …
return Posted over a year ago
centurion64 said …
Back... Posted over a year ago
centurion64 said about Spyro The Dragon
if i make... Spyro HD for PC, using unity Engine. am i copyright infringement ? also, i'm using my own models, and scripts. Posted over a year ago
Magica commented…
I don't think anyone ever gets copyrighted for Spyro games. over a year ago
centurion64 commented…
canceled due the copyright issue. over a year ago
Magica commented…
Did you put in different music? Or maybe it was the program you used. over a year ago
centurion64 commented…
no, i use unity. now i have a plan to make a games similar with spyro. in proggress now. over a year ago
Alphaman gave me props for my images
Ello ses tre bir sètr Nóen fëæR øpès Posted over a year ago
centurion64 commented…
? over a year ago
Alphaman commented…
Just wondering how u have been I learned Russian so I speak mostly in that over a year ago
centurion64 commented…
well.... okay over a year ago
centurion64 said about Alpha and Omega
asfasdasdas Posted over a year ago
centurion64 said about Portal 2
I don't believe it. i was finished playing portal just 5 days ?! This game is so easy man ! Posted over a year ago
NyanWheatley commented…
The first was easy. GlaDOS' chambers are easy. over a year ago