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Kirkir said …
Hi Villy!
I just went on the CBF spot cause I'd like to join :D And I saw that your favourite character is Effy too!! And Brooke is my #2 too lmao! So I obviously had to get to know you <3
I'm Kir, nice to meet you ! Posted over a year ago
twilightlover73 said …
Ah! My bitch! I am here! I missed you so much bby, I'm sorry I didn't look at my wall cause I've been kinda gone from this place. How have you been? How's everything? Posted over a year ago
Piu95 said …
I've been good :)
And yes I saw, that'd be so great! I see that other people want to come back too, it will be nice to see everyone :) Posted over a year ago
Nicolas97 said …
I study politics ;)
We are 6-7 rn? It's good for a start, I mean the LPF is still alive and the active members we are about 7-8 so it's not a problem, as long as we're loyal! So I'm gonna make a pick on the spot later today as well <3 Posted over a year ago
modernfan gave me props for my articles
I'll check it out again soon!
Hmm I'm sure Ines would be happy to hear the news and maybe Aria :) Posted over a year ago
Nicolas97 said …
what do you study?
awww yess katie fucking fitch buds for life <33
and aww for my sweetest ems! gonna go talk to her as well! :D

first of all you should see who's interested in coming back and then we could make typical picks like fandoms and stuff as well as picks to talk about what we've all been up to and get to know each other better ;) Posted over a year ago
Piu95 said …
Omg Hi! YES It has been so long! How have you been? I haven't been in the CBF for a looooong time :o Posted over a year ago
modernfan gave me props for my links
I've only seen first few episodes. I started watching it with a friend but we gave up on it when AHS came back on :D

Sure, I'd like that :) Posted over a year ago
Nicolas97 said …
i'm good, university now :)

yaaaas! I was never so active on the cbf so I doubt the rest of the girls remember me but I missed you guys! Posted over a year ago
modernfan gave me props for my images
oh hey hun! I check my profile every now and then :D
beautiful icon! chick from Salem? Posted over a year ago