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I just saw Rent in Boston. Does anyone know what is on the back of Roger's Jacket? Any pictures maybe?

5 answers | my answer: i just saw the same show lol!! that would be weird ...

does anyone know like a list of good punk/pop/alternative/rock songs....sorta emoish but happy.??

61 answers | my answer: paramore, we the kings, flyleaf.....i cant think of...

Name your top 3 Best male vocalist?

17 answers | my answer: Sorry, i'm sure no one will know any of theses peop...

Name your top 3 Best female vocalist?

62 answers | my answer: OK this is easy..again...its likley you won't know ...

Do you think that Paramore will come out with new music and it be in twilight's new movies coming out?

14 answers | my answer: ew.i hope not.

Ok a new zealander and my house episodes are about 4 episodes behind the american series...can you guys tell me which episode huddy smex happens when it happens.... :P (THANKS)

3 answers | my answer: ill tell you....thats sucks your behind though. at ...

What is the episode were House told Cuddy she has no little part of herself?

2 answers | my answer: Season 4, The epi. is called "Ugly" its about that ...

Ok what your thoughts on Huddy after seeing this?

14 answers | my answer: No desperate booty call is ever gonna change my tho...

Ok, this should probs be on the cuddy spot, but there are more people here (question in details, it was too long lol)

3 answers | my answer: OOOh wow tough call pp. dolce and gabbana clothes.....

Have Cuddy & Lucas had sex yet?

8 answers | my answer: Well ive always classified "hooking up" as just mak...