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Is huddy screwed? By the looks of next week's clips, we are so totally screwed

3 answers | my answer: Huddy. Is Not. Screwed. Just because Cuddy said ...

Who is Hilly???????Can ANYONE help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 answers | my answer: Oh lord. who ISN'T hilly?!?

Is anyone else watching the "House" marathon on USA today? (some great Huddy moments)

3 answers | my answer: Of course I am <333
Boys Like Girls

what is your fav. song by boys like girls & why???

23 answers | my answer: I know its ancient but i DO love Dance Hall Drug

Everyone has a different opinion, especially on this topic, but do you think that if a singer naturally doesn't have a high belt, with practice, they can make their belt higher?

11 answers | my answer: absolutely. this happened to me! i couldnt belt pa...

Ok... I need Advice About Singing Infront Of Big Crowds... So Please Help!

13 answers | my answer: the best advice i can give is pumpkinpies advice. S...

What's your fave song?

42 answers | my answer: Youre Not Sorry by taylor swift

How do YOU pronounce this word? CRAYON

44 answers | my answer: my friend brought this up in 2nd graed and to this ...

What are you afraid of?

68 answers | my answer: you know those antique porcelain dolls with like di...

what do u want to be when u grow up???

29 answers | my answer: A fabulously fabulous superstar. And i dont want to...