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Hot Guys

Do you find him hot?

12 answers | my answer: I like that hes musculare, but not intimidatingly s...
Sweeney Todd

What do you think of Judge Turpin's pants? Just to let all of'ya know I'm a big fan of Judge Turpin/Alan Rickman.

4 answers | my answer: his.............pants? i got that potter puppet ...
Lisa Edelstein

Do you think that she is pregnante ??? some people says she is and others like me say no !!!

7 answers | my answer: Sorry to come back but just to be clear I DON'T thi...
Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Lisa Edelstein is Vegetarian. lisa cuddy is she too or not ?

4 answers | my answer: well we hardly EVER see her eat. But she did eat ch...
Skinny Jeans

What shoes look best with skinny jeans?

17 answers | my answer: pretty much every type of shoe looks good with skin...
House MD Fans

I'm Desperate i move on tomorrow in a new city and i can't have Internet before october.

2 answers | my answer: *gapes incredulously* WHAT????how could you miss th...
House MD Fans

is there an episode called next to normal?

2 answers | my answer: hahaha! Next to Normal is a broadway show im in ...
House MD Fans

What's the most important thing that happened to you or the most wonderful memory in 2009?

10 answers | my answer: In 2009, I starred in five different musicals, went...
House MD Fans

Who else has tumblr?

15 answers | my answer: I made one yesterday, but I'm a little confused as ...

Which song would you like to hear Glee'd?

20 answers | my answer: "Grace Kelly" by MIKA. anything by MIKA.