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Family Problems

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
We all sat there in silence simply waiting for someone to say something. In the circle was, Me, Sora, Jellal, Tyki, Robin, and Allen. A strange group yes, but we wanted to talk to Robin about something that happened. Finally, the silence was broken.
"I'm pretty hungry right now. Could go for some food. Think I will leave and go get something to eat." Allen said about to stand up. But he was stopped.
"Don't be a coward and run when things get strange." Tyki said smirking at Allen.

o///o Don't read this crap

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
I have no idea why I am even doing this. I suppose it is to get this off my chest. A simply feeling that I am turning into a story. Yes, I feel like a complete idiot doing this but what the hell. Why not?

In a large bedroom there was a 15 year old girl who was sitting on her bed reading a web comic known as Homestuck. She had recently really got into it. She started spending most of her time reading it. She was very much hooked and addicted. This teenage girls name was Lucy. She had short blond hair and blueish gray eyes. She was tall and skinny and pale skinned. She was...

The Odd Talk.

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Now, let me give an introduction of what you are about to expect. First off, This mainly involves Allen, Me, and Somewhat Jellal. This is a talk between me and Allen about Sora and Tyki. But the love of god help us all.

Let us begin. ^^

Me and Sora had been talking about the fact that Allen needed someone to talk to. So, we decided that I was going to try and talk to him. Sora sent Allen over to my place for a talk.
Allen walked in the door sense it was left unlocked.

Before I met you.

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
It was a cold night outside and me and Akane had fallen asleep during a story that Sora was telling us. I could barely hear her sigh as we both drifted off. That night, I dreamed about memories, memories of when I didn't know any of you.

I was a Soldier. A Soldier of the Novus Orbis Librarium's Zero Squadron. I was a First Lieutenant and as part of the Zero Squadron, I was an assassin. People would refer to to us as "Those who clean up the NOL's Trash." NOL is short for Novus Orbis Librarium. I remember my grades weren't very high but, I was flexible and fast. So, they let me...

Cause I had to

Review posted over a year ago
Code Geass

I watched Code Geass in dubs cause I watch everything in dubs. But, that is past the point.

Anyways, I have no idea who has and hasn't seen Code Geass which is, my favorite anime of all time.

Code Geass is for more mature watchers but it's not like insane bad or anything. Mostly blood and language. Not to mention a few shower scenes but nothing horrible. It is rated 15+ though so hey whatever works.

The anime and manga are VERY different. They have the same basic idea but they are still extremely different. So I would...