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New Single Announced: "Spending all my time"

News posted over a year ago
Perfume has announced that their new single, entitled "Spending all my time" will be released on August 15. The Single has 3 songs, instead of the usual 2.

Track List for Normal Edition:
1. Spending all my time
2. Hurly Burly
3. ポイント (Point)
4. Spending all my time (Instrumental)
5. Hurly Burly (Instrumental)
6. ポイント (Point) (Instrumental)

Track List for Limited Edition:
Disc One:
1. Spending all my time

Industrial Piercing Review

Review posted over a year ago
I reciently got my Industrial/Bar/Scaffold Pierced. I wanted to give a review and answer any questions anyine might have. I went to Body Revolutions in Cleveland and I only have good things to say about them. They were very clean, nicely located, and their professional body piercers were very kind and helpful. My piercer went into the back room and set up and in a few minutes he called me back to begin. Before he began he cleaned and marked my ear.
Then he lined up the needle and bam, the first hole was pierced. The first hole was the lower one, it wasnt bad pain wise. Then he lined up...

Have You Felt This Way Before?

Opinion posted over a year ago
chocopockyninja articles
I have honestly had enough of people. With everything they do. Human beings are so intolerent of the facts that people are more then one color, people arn't all the same sexuality, some people dont believe in god, and there are 2 genders. So what do they do? They call them out, bully them, beat them up, and can even murder them. This is a quote I thought up myself,"One of the most beautiful things about the world is everyone is different, and people now-a-days turn that into something that you should be ashamed of." I'll be truthful, there are days when I isolate myself from everyone and...

Len Kagamine's Vocaloid Adventure Part 2

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Len Kagamine's Vocaloid Adventure Part 2
By chocopockyninja

I grabbed a few napkins from the glove box of the car and then handed them to Teto. The once lively face was now an ill green color. I sighed and slowly helped her out of the car.
"Are you okay now? Heh heh." I said to her laughing a bit, trying to appear more friendly.
"I think so, I get car sick easily." Teto said. And I can believe it. While still holding onto her arm, I guided her to the front doors to the studio. We glanced at each other then pushed the door open to find the...

Lolly4me2 and chocopockyninja's HaruMiKyon Youtube Channel!

Article posted over a year ago
Come one, come all to the official YouTube page of the cosplay group known as HaruMiKyon. We're having a slow start so please watch our videos and leave your comment! Subscribe for updates on our new web comic and Vocaloid cosplay series! We also have a new twitter so check that out to! Here are the links.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Every little bit counts! We love you!

Here's a word from Sofie!