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cleo13491 said about The Hunger Games
link I'd be floored if y'all could go through and post your opinions on who I most look like! (: Thank you in advance! :) Posted over a year ago
big smile
starxdreamerxo said …
i reead the end of mockingjay, and joannha is deffianlty one of my favs XD shes so brutal and sassy i love it! Posted over a year ago
IAmRue said …
Wow your hunger games picture was amazing on that one little question! !!! What program did you use? I always try to embed pictures in other pictures... but it never works.. And is that you? I think you should be katniss if it is! Posted over a year ago
cleo13491 commented…
I answered this on your original comment, but I'll put it here too so you're sure to see it. (: I use the Pixlr website to do all of my images, its pretty much like photoshop, but its on the internet and its free. And yes, I always use myself as a model for Katniss in my images. (: Thank you! I love hearing things like that! (: over a year ago
IAmRue commented…
can you act? If you can you should REALLY thnk about auditioning :D over a year ago
cleo13491 commented…
Haha, I am actually a very good actress! Once I graduate, I plan on pursuing a career in that field. (: I will most deffintely audition, assuming there are any auditions reasonably close to where I live. But that is fairly unlikely, mind you. over a year ago