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Art request

Article posted over a year ago
OK, I have this fan character, some of you may know her as Anna-Lee. Now, I have grown particularly fond of her, and I think she deserves a fanart of her own with Noah. I don't have the equipment to do it, and I am crappy with paint, so I will reward with props, Anna-Lees and my respect (by Anna-Lees respect, I mean she'll be BFFs with your OC, if you have one)
Here is a strong verbal description, as I can't send my image of her here (stupid computer)
Fluffy light brown 80s curly hair

I'd like to introuduce....

Article posted over a year ago
Name: Chiyo
Age:17 1/2
Height: 6 foot 3"
Friends:Leshawna, Katie, Izzy,Bridgette,Geoff, Trent, Noah,Owen,Cody and Sierra.
Enemies:Alejandro, Heather, Duncan and Gwen.
Likes:Chocolate, purple, the 80s and ANIME!
Dislikes:Mushrooms,murky brown, the 00s and soap operas.
In Love with:NOAH!

Everyday Clothes: Denim shorts, an anime themed tee with some chibi chracter on it, simple sneakers and a denim jacket.
Formal Clothes:A white short dress with a purple sash and white flats.

Moe x Marge( a very sexy spectacle)-Maggie-Part 1

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
I knew this day would come. I mean, Homer may not be the smartest guy I have served (as a customer), but he still has that little bit of a brain cell in there that was telling him 'Something isn't right here...'. I know. I must be the worst friend in the world, sleep'in with his wife. And I'm sorry. I was going through a phase; a horrible, sexy phase. I'm just a stupid, selfish, old basterd who only does things for his own pleasure. Of course, I didn't WANT this to happen, oor predict it would either. Sooo... yeah.That takes a load of ' This is all your fault!' off my back. And, come to...

Grace and Lillian...Who are they?

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Grace and Lillian are the twin daughters of Cozi Boz and Tallest Purple. They were born December 31st, 1999. They were born in secrecy on Planet Blorch. As Cosi Boz lived on the Massive, and no-one was allowed to know about the twins,Purple asked Zim if he could take care of the twins until they reached the age of 20 Earth years. Zim accepted the challenge. This is their personality, and just a general description of them both.
Cheers, Codyfan77.
Personality(good and bad points):

If I was on invader zim;the things I would do to the characters.

List posted over a year ago
Zim:(Try) to give him advice/ tell him his disguise is lame.
Dib:Tell him that his head isn't big;it's bloody GINORMOUS!!!
Gaz: Challenge her to a DDR match
GIR:Whack him on his head and see if it has any effect.
Tallest Red:Spray him with multiple super soakers.
Tallest Purple: Drag him into a closet and kiss him...
Keef:Punch his face; see if he is still smiling afterwards!
Skoodge: Call him and get him to help Zim.
Tak:Kill her. Like, really KILL her.