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abcjkl gave me props for my polls
would you join my club? Posted 1 month ago
abcjkl gave me props for my pop quiz questions
hi! thanks for the add back and nice to meet you! Posted 1 month ago
codyfan77 said about South Park
I just CAN'T stop listening to this song!
Thumbs up if you like it too! Posted 10 months ago
codyfan77 said about Total Drama Island
Calling all OCs! We need some more auditions for Total Random Island! Calling all OCs! Posted over a year ago
Man, I wish the show was ment for teens a LITTLE older, so we could have a REAL NoCo. But I also like AleNoah. Love triangle? Posted over a year ago
codyfan77 said about The Tenth Doctor
David Tennant was just so awesome and eccentric...Unfortunate.... But the doctor regenerates, we just have to accept that. But he was, by far, the best Posted over a year ago
codyfan77 said about Hetalia
Tell me if you can make this AMV for me ; Hetalia Axis Powers; Move your feet... I don't have the stuff on my computer to do it... Sooo... PLZ? Put it on You tube if you can... Posted over a year ago
codyfan77 said about Hetalia
Got Hetalia season 3 yesterday ^-^ Excited as Italy during 'buy 1, get 1 free' day at his local pizza place Posted over a year ago
codyfan77 commented…
Or France in a room full of *****s over a year ago
Jekyde commented…
Or Ro over a year ago
Jekyde commented…
*Or Romano in a room full of tomatoes!!! over a year ago
-Breadqueen- commented…
I have hetalia season3 too!:D over a year ago
codyfan77 said about Hetalia: England
Who else thinks that Lily Allen is Iggy's soul singer? Posted over a year ago
codyfan77 said about Hetalia
Today is Liechtenstiens B'day? Sorry for not noticing that! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Posted over a year ago