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I'm here to stay conman9298 is back!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
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I guess with my being gone, i have faded away and i am no longer remembered... Posted over a year ago
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Yep, I've just started playing Minecraft. I haven't played in multiplayer before, but I could give it a try. But I only have time on weekends. Posted over a year ago
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hey, I should make a fan club for me Posted over a year ago
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I'll join! over a year ago
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Can I be the one to keep track of all the roleplayer's profile etc? (Unless if you're doing it yourself or someone else) Posted over a year ago
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sure, you can be my record keeper. over a year ago
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Ok, thanks! Can you send me all the RPlayer's bio stuff then? over a year ago
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np over a year ago
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Name: Naomi Walter
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Height: 4'10"
Race: Japanese/Chinese+English
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Black
District: 11
Skill: Stealth, climbing trees
Family: Aunt (mother's side), little brother (Tarao Walter, aged 7)
Bio: When she was 9 months old, both my parents were stuck by a fatal illness. They were dying. I had no other family to go to apart from my aunt.

When do we start the RP? Posted over a year ago
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Thanks for the add! xx Posted over a year ago
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Jasmine Weasley
Height:5' 3"
District: 9 3?4, Magic
Skills: Patronus, Disarming, Unforgivable Curses Posted over a year ago
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magic LOL over a year ago
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ikr, best weapon possible over a year ago
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course! over a year ago
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Ok, so, I'm starting a Hunger games Role playing game on my wall I need people 2 play, for now post only your character and a brief background also, add your name, age, and one or two special skills along with your district.

Here's Mine:

Connor Hoagland
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 10"
Race: Caucasian
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
District: 12, mining
Skills: Bow Hunting/knife throwing, hand-to-hand knife combat Posted over a year ago
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I'm going to leave now over a year ago
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only post your character over a year ago
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Thanks for the add! I added back! Posted over a year ago