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connor3 said about Barbie Movies
Dolpin Magic will be released on DVD on 28 December 2018 in some countries (I know about Germany and Poland). Here's hoping the DVDs will include english version, so perhaps if someone from US wants to own the movie on home media they may try to import it. Posted 19 hours ago
connor3 said about Barbie Movies
If it's true there is no new movie due to the Dreamhouse Adventures tv show, than I think we should get some news about it before the end of the May. The show will start airing by that date, and the production of all 26 episodes should be completed. If we won't hear anything next month, I think maybe we should start some petition or something? Perhaps an action on Mattel/Barbie facebook etc. Posted 1 month ago
FairyElina14 commented…
Agree! 1 month ago
Sparklefairy375 commented…
It seems they are currently focused with new doll lineup and mini tv series instead of movies. Sad but true. 1 month ago
FairyElina14 commented…
I agree Fairy Ambassador 1 month ago
connor3 said about Disney Princess
If there ever will be another princess, would you like Disney to try something new? I am not talking about things like live-action princess or something like that, but simply an animated feature, but with a new kind of a heroine? Like, an adult princess, or a princess from future/space, or perhaps one set in the modern time? Posted 2 months ago
MissCinico commented…
I still want to see more PoC princesses, there's just so many cultures out there. I'm thinking Korean, Middle Eastern (again), or Polynesia (again), just because I think those cultures have a lot of untapped potential as far as lore a stories go. Other than that I'll be fine really with whatever Disney puts out it'll be a hit or miss like usual, if they really want to make me happy they'd have to return to traditional 2D animation, but that's not going to happen, so I don't have any real strong requests of Disney. 2 months ago
princesslullaby commented…
absolutely. a funny, suave, smarmy princess (think female flynn rider) with FLAWS!!!!!!! 2 months ago
Sparklefairy375 commented…
I agree with MissCinico. More POC princesses from diversity cultures is a great idea 2 months ago
AudreyFreak commented…
If we do get more European princesses they ought to show those cultures as well. The totally wasted an opportunity to show more of Norwegian culture with Frozen, which is gorgeous and rich, and only Brave shows much of Scottish lore and such. You barely know Belle and Cinderella are French. Also, if we do get another nonwhite princess, it would be nice if see were traditionally feminine. Poc girls don't usually get those characters; they're usually tomboys and I know some have complained about this. 2 months ago