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The Simpsons

Is there going to be a sequel to the Simpsons movie?

2 answers | my answer: ???????????? Sorry I have no idea but I hope SO!!!!...
The Simpsons

What is your all-time fav Homer quote??

7 answers | my answer: Do'h! I like that one.
The Simpsons

What is 1+1=

25 answers | my answer: POOP
The Simpsons

Whos your least favourite character?

4 answers | my answer: Marge I just hate her!I hate her because she is rea...
The Simpsons

whose your fav charachter?

10 answers | my answer: bart,lisa,ralph and milhouse
The Simpsons

have u ever tryied to draw the simpsons?? and u draw it right??

10 answers | my answer: I have the simpsons handbook and I drew almost ll t...
The Simpsons

Which Simpson Charater would you hang out with?

21 answers | my answer: Lisa even though she is 3 years younger then me.
The Simpsons

what age is homer

14 answers | my answer: 35 I think