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So am I the only one who noticed that some of the contestants hair in this season makes a rainbow?

Zoey: Red
Scott: Orange
Lindsay: Yellow
Duncan: Green
Gwen: Blue
Sierra: Purple

Anyone else notice that? Posted 7 months ago
cannibalZoey commented…
so but scotts would b normal cuz a red head normaly looks like orange and witn lindsay yellow and blonde r the same 7 months ago
bakes2389 commented…
lmao rainbow hair <3 7 months ago
creativegirl31 said about Lightney
The Over Achievers! :D Posted 10 months ago
bakes2389 commented…
That is the best name for them!!! :D 9 months ago
Also does anyone else find it wierd that Owen WON'T be competing this Season? 0_0 Too bad Dawn won't be competing either. -___- Posted over a year ago
DandC4evacute commented…
Noooooooooooo! No Dawn!? :( :( :( over a year ago
codyfan77 commented…
I think it's because those characters get a LOT of attention! I think Eva/ Noah or someone might get more noticed next season(hopefully!) over a year ago
MikeTheNewGuy commented…
they haven't confirmed that either of those characters won't be in it, they only said that Blaineley isn't going to be competing this season. over a year ago
Does anybody else find it a bit strange that Alejandro has a new voice? O_0 Posted over a year ago
_Ares2002_ commented…
Me! over a year ago
sorandom15 commented…
felt like he should be duncuns :/ over a year ago
creativegirl31 commented…
Chris's VA posted a video of it on Youtube over a year ago
I LOVE THESE TWO IDIOTS! XD Posted over a year ago
TDIfangirl said …
Wazzup Kelli? Posted over a year ago
Does anyone know if Sally died or not? Posted over a year ago
Sniver64 commented…
ya she's dead... for now over a year ago
Sally_Fan commented…
she's not dead. i read the issues after that over a year ago
SuperSonicGirl commented…
I HOPE SALLY IS NOT DEAD! over a year ago

Chris's voice actor (sorry I can't spell his name) posted a video on youtube!

He said there is gonna be a SEASON 5 of Total Drama!

Isn't that awesome?! :D Posted over a year ago
sonicluver101 commented…
Haha, at first i thought you wrote 'izzy that awesome' xD" And yes! That is pretty awesome---as long as Chris is still the hoooooost~ over a year ago
BridgetteBabe12 commented…
That is awesome to hear can i have the link i wanna see it! :D over a year ago
sumerjoy11 commented…
YAY! ^^ over a year ago
poptrop300 commented…
YAY over a year ago
TDIfangirl said …
Hey, Kelli, look! Posted over a year ago

Duncan: I still call bullsh**! Posted over a year ago