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lottieee30 gave me props for my comments
Craooper, where you been girl?? i'm missing ya xx Posted over a year ago
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You're welcome and thanks for the add back :)!
Nice icon :). Posted over a year ago
cropper commented…
np and thnx! over a year ago
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Hey :))
Thanks for the add back! Posted over a year ago
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np anytime over a year ago
cropper said about Sora
sora is amazing! <3 Posted over a year ago
gracelove commented…
Hello Nice meeting you here, how are you today i will want us to be friends contact me here with my e-mail address (grace w i l l 3 2 @ y a h o o . c o m ) because i have a special reason why have contacted you so that i can send you my photos and also tell you more about myself here is my e-mail address( ) you can also drop me your email mail address i am waiting to get a reply from you remember that co-lour, language or age and distance does not matter but understand matters Yours New Friend Miss Grace over a year ago
brittana4eva commented…
LOL this is me, my account was trolled on so this is my new one! (i am cropper) over a year ago
brittana4eva commented…
LOL and I think I'll pass on the offer soz but I don't just give out my email! but I still love Sora over a year ago
cropper said about Glee
can I just say in 'choke' surley Puck should've got an A I mean he's probably never done so well in a test in all his life, I hate u RIB for what u did to Rachel at her audition! and I blame u RM, this is cruel beyond words! well done Kurt though, poor poor Rachel! Posted over a year ago
Crime-Drama-Bee commented…
This 100% over a year ago
cropper commented…
thnx over a year ago
cropper said about Glee
guys, I am sooooooooo sorry that I haven't been around! I know it's not an excuse, but I have been so busy with my exams that I didn't have any free time!
is iamfeeby still around? or have the trolls scared her off again? I can't believe that our poor Quinn is in a wheelchair! what is RM trying to do? depress us all? and about Klaine.. well here's half of it! THEY WOULD NEVER break up in a million years, and why would Kurt just give out his number to a random person he met in a music store? Posted over a year ago
cropper commented…
and Kurt would NEVER actually say that he and Blaine weren't being as 'in love' as they used to be! RM STOP IT RIGHT NOW! it's not cool, and as much as I hate to say it u r ruining Glee! over a year ago
fetchgirl2366 commented…
I heard spoilers that Quinn will be out of the wheelchair by the end of the season. over a year ago
cropper commented…
yes! that's good news! over a year ago
cropper said about miyuchan7
hiya <3 Posted over a year ago
miyuchan7 commented…
hello~ over a year ago
cropper said about Final Fantasy III
I <3 Arc! Posted over a year ago
cropper said about Hip Hop Dance
has anyone seen the hip-hop movie Honey 2 yet? it' so good!
Posted over a year ago
cropper said about Glee
OK I'm just gonna say it, I became more of a Brittana fan than a Klaine fan, I still LOVE you Klaine, but Brittana holds my heart for this season <3 Posted over a year ago
Littleunicorn commented…
I adore brittana with all my heart :) over a year ago
runawaygirl1998 commented…
I adore brittana too! They shud gt more attention :) over a year ago
ninjacupcake88 commented…
...... respect lost. XD I'm just kidding, I'm still and always will be a diehard Klaine fan and they shall always be my OTP, but I adore Brittana too!<3 over a year ago