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Harry Potter

what would you think if there was a harry potter novella?

4 answers | my answer: mayb a novella on the trio's future, (more detail t...
Harry Potter

describe snape in one word

41 answers | my answer: AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Harry Potter

if you were to look in the mirror of erised, what do you think you would see?

18 answers | my answer: id see a perfect world. with peace, liberty and har...
Harry Potter

What scenes from the book do you wish were in the Deathly Hallows movie?

8 answers | my answer: Everything
Harry Potter

Ok this is a pairing with the question from Cuteypuffgirl(What are the AU Pairings you just can't stand?(If you have any.) What AU pairings do you just adore?

7 answers | my answer: Rose/Scorpius Ron/Hermione (since 2007! :) Harry...
Harry Potter

Dont you think Luna is overrated?

21 answers | my answer: Umm.... Nope.
Harry Potter

what about Harry and Hermione as couple?????

10 answers | my answer: ummm....let me think... ...
Harry Potter

If you had to choose your favorite twin, would it be Fred or George?

16 answers | my answer: OMG, That's like asking if you'd rather eat or drin...
Harry Potter

About the Academy Awards:

5 answers | my answer: Art Direction (aka set design) It lost to... *sneer...
Harry Potter

Do you think Harry would survive the Hunger Games?

15 answers | my answer: This is an interesting question because...think of ...