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i am in love with this show Posted 3 months ago
pinkiepie213 said …
DUDE YUS HOMESTUCK!!!! XD Posted 4 months ago
olympianglory said …
Darange.. Do you write fanfics? Because Casey-Jackson created Heroes Of Olympus Meets Facebook... Weneed some new minds. Fangirl, Me, And Casey are trolls and we troll the seven. Its really funny! Please help? Posted 5 months ago
Hey! Did this club die and sink in to the void? :(
Man. I remember when everyone first started to talking about it. Posted 5 months ago
Kaity253 commented…
I know right 4 months ago
PiperMclean7732 commented…
I know right! I just joined 2 months ago and no one is on but kaity253, Fangirl521, and olympianglory, and agomotto. 4 months ago
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OMG, you homestuck???? Posted 6 months ago
darange commented…
Aye! 6 months ago
big smile
darange said about Homestuck
Finale Finished Homestuck for now until the update on 4/13/15 Posted 6 months ago
HEYYYYYYYYYY how is every one????
heh. long time no see?? Posted 7 months ago
extremeriordan commented…
Same... 6 months ago
8xchristellax8 commented…
halloooooo 6 months ago
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#8 last one, have a nice days bro :) Posted 7 months ago
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#7 Posted 7 months ago
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#6 Posted 7 months ago