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YES!! we will get to find out what Aphrodite said to Reyna in Charleston in BOO
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in the US only 38 more days till Blood Of Olympus comes out Posted 4 days ago
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38 days of pure misery 2 days ago
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hey at least we made it this far 1 day ago
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Thank you for the add. Posted 4 days ago
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Thanks for the add :D Posted 9 days ago
darange said about Doctor Who
that episode was absolutely wonderful, the new Doctor was Marvelous!! Posted 9 days ago
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Couldn't agree more 7 days ago
big smile
darange said about Doctor Who
ahhhhhh cant wait for the new episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted 10 days ago
happy birthday seaweed brain!!! Posted 15 days ago
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All hail Percy Jackson! 15 days ago
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hail! 13 days ago
i dont understand how people seem to forget that rick is the Author of the books, the creator of that world and the characters , and he can do what ever he wants when ever he wants because he is the writer of the books and he doesnt need fans approval for anything  Posted 1 month ago
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PREACH. 1 month ago
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YES. PREACH. 1 month ago
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Oh Spike xD *damnit... i meant to say peach* 1 month ago
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Thank you for posting Madoka Magica on my request for a sad anime, I loved it!! Posted 1 month ago
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no problem :) 1 month ago