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OMG 22 more days till BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted 5 hours ago
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new The Lost Hero Graphic Novel!!!!! ready to be sold on Oct 7th!! Posted 4 days ago
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FANGIRL POWER!!! ^o^ Posted 8 days ago
darange commented…
:D 7 days ago
YES!! we will get to find out what Aphrodite said to Reyna in Charleston in BOO
source : Posted 15 days ago
jason_fan73 commented…
Who do you ship her with? Cause I can't think of somebody for her... 10 days ago
purple_giraffe commented…
NOT OCTAVIAN. other than that, i don't know . . . . 9 days ago
darange commented…
i dont know, i dont ship her with Octavian, Octavian can go die in a hole for all i care, i dont ship her with Nico, I dont ship her with Percy, and People would get mad at me if i shipped her with Jason, Frank, or Leo. :/ 9 days ago
8xchristellax8 commented…
I used to ship Reyna w/ Leo pretty hard but now tbh the only person I ship her with is Thalia hahaaa 5 days ago
in the US only 38 more days till Blood Of Olympus comes out Posted 17 days ago
Persassy123 commented…
38 days of pure misery 15 days ago
darange commented…
hey at least we made it this far 14 days ago
pink-bookworm commented…
Less now :D 11 days ago
darange commented…
here in the us its 30 days now!! 9 days ago
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Thank you for the add. Posted 18 days ago
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Thanks for the add :D Posted 22 days ago
darange said about Doctor Who
that episode was absolutely wonderful, the new Doctor was Marvelous!! Posted 22 days ago
war40hamer commented…
Couldn't agree more 20 days ago
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darange said about Doctor Who
ahhhhhh cant wait for the new episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted 23 days ago
happy birthday seaweed brain!!! Posted 28 days ago
Alchemistlover commented…
All hail Percy Jackson! 28 days ago
purple_giraffe commented…
hail! 26 days ago