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6 MORE DAYS!!!!!! Posted 1 hour ago
7 more days!!!!!! Posted 1 day ago
pink-bookworm commented…
Yayyyy!! 20 hours ago
big smile
saiyajin1 gave me props for my videos
Prop for you!!! XD Posted 1 day ago
darange commented…
thanks :) 1 day ago
OMG THAT ENDING TO RR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how many Ponys think there is going to be a third movie?? Posted 2 days ago
Windwakerguy430 commented…
I hope so :D 2 days ago
ok everybody listen up!!! i have a boundary here. during the time BOO comes out (or even any of the passed books) we will NOT be sharing any spoilers, rumors of the sort on the wall, please try to understand. i want everyone here to feel equal and i dont want anyone to get spoiled when they didnt want to . can wee count down the days? SURE! its just when it comes down to spoilers and discussion please make a forum and chat there. thank you Posted 3 days ago
Joak-24 commented…
totally agreed, we all hate being spoiled, so let not do it, right? 3 days ago
darange commented…
right :) 3 days ago
purple_giraffe commented…
totally. 2 days ago
Spikegilfer1997 commented…
That's an absurd time-frame. 5 hours ago
so apparently in the Philippines BOO came out...........early? Posted 4 days ago
Greekwizard09 commented…
What no way that's not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!:\ 3 days ago
purple_giraffe commented…
GASP. frowny face. :( 2 days ago
11 MORE DAYS!! Posted 5 days ago
Greekwizard09 gave me props for my images
Thanks so much for the add and I love ur icon<○.○> Posted 8 days ago
darange commented…
thsnks and I <3 YOUR ICON TOO <3 <3 7 days ago
darange said about Fairy Tail
THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. 0O0 (NOTE: if you are not currently caught up with the Manga, you HAVE to do that before reading this theory! otherwise it would not make sense) Posted 9 days ago
Nalu-love commented…
Not bad and it does make sense but now we to see for our self as we continue along the manga ne :) 8 days ago
darange said about Doctor Who
happy birthday Billie Piper!! Posted 9 days ago