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I'm afraid the writers are going to totally destroy Delena. Even though I don't watch TVD anymore, I did for years obviously, and I still get current TVD vids 'recommended' for me on YT. '7X19: Damon is jealous of Bonnie and Enzo'. Most of the comments are Bamon fans cheering now Bonnie is at the centre of the show, and whooping with joy over their ship, and that even though Damon still mentions Elena frequently, his mind is on Bon-Bon. I turned it off after 10 seconds because I felt SICK. Posted 4 days ago
delenasalvatore commented…
Yes, Damon loves Elena, but she is gone, with no hint of her ever returning. Clearly, the Bonnie/Enzo pairing isn't a big enough ship. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Damon did end up with Bonnie at this rate. There have been many solid, logical arguments why Bamon can never become a reality, but none of those arguments ever took into account that Elena wouldn't be around. The show is no longer about her. The show is no longer about a love triangle. The show no longer features Elena and Bonnie's friendship/sisterhood. All of that is gone. So is Delena. 4 days ago
delenasalvatore commented…
No-one cares that Damon was willing to wait for over a century for Katherine, or that Elena might be gone, but certainly not dead, or that Bonnie is indebted to Elena for still being alive. The writers certainly don't care now that DE is no longer part of the show. I just don't think I can stand it. 4 days ago
loveofdelena commented…
And rediculous too. Since BAMON has had not nearly the amount of storylines and scenes and development that delena have. Putting BAMON together would ruin the show completely. 2 days ago
"There's a place I used to go
There's a world I used to know
There was a light and it was you
Every word I say is true
I say

Every day I will wait till you're mine again
I will die every day till you're mine again
There's no words to explain, no beginning and no end
I will dream, I will pray, you'll be mine again."

'Mine Again' - Black Lab
This is SUCH a DE song, I don't think it's ever been used in the show and I don't think it's well known. Do please look it up on YT if you can. Posted 15 days ago
HaleyDewit commented…
You're right! 14 days ago
I hear that Nina and her boyfriend of 7 months, Austin Stowell, have split up. Something to do with their work schedules. I don't mean to sound like a broken record in saying this, but I think Ian wanted to get married, and Nikki just happened to be in the 'right' place at the 'right' time. It's interesting that Ian moved on (and got married) relatively quickly, whereas Nina seems to be enjoying 'the single life', with lots of holidays with her girlfriends. Posted 2 months ago
10,360 FANS!!! Welcome everyone! Our numbers have been going up and down recently, so I'm prepared for that number to drop within the next few days. But for now, hurray! Posted 3 months ago
panther-jewel commented…
We had that one “four fans at once”-leave, but the number otherwise only grew lately. There are usually just single fans quitting from time to time, while the members of our club (normally, very slowly) become more and more over the years, so that it was a big step down this time. But we already reached the 10361 again that we had before the “group-leave”, and the long-run direction is the right one as our number steadily increases. 3 months ago
loveofdelena commented…
I noticed this too. But not to worry, I think that the more people who are new to the show, and who are only just experiencing it, will end up being the dlena fans of a new generation. 3 months ago
"Love is passion, obsession. Someone you can't live without. I say, fall head over heels. Find someone you love like crazy and will love you the same way back. How do you find him? Well you forget your head, and you listen to your heart...'Cause the truth is honey, there's no sense living your life without this. To make the journey and not fall deeply in love, well you haven't lived a life at all. But you have to try, 'cause if you haven't tried, you haven't lived."

'Meet Joe Black' Posted 5 months ago
panther-jewel commented… --- [around 2:40 to 3:25] 5 months ago
loveofdelena commented…
beautiful!! 4 months ago
10,350 FANS!!!! Posted 5 months ago
Did Julie Plague know that Nina wouldn't be coming back before the finale was written? I think someone asked her before the episode aired and she said she couldn't answer it or something. Why did she leave it open for Elena to apparently return and a conclusion of DE's love story if she knew Nina definitely wouldn't be back? And you'd think she would have discussed it with Nina before she left. I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but I always said I would have preferred a Posted 6 months ago
delenasalvatore commented…
tragic ending to the bland one we got. And in a way, that just makes it more difficult for me, because DE didn't get the send-off they deserved or the fans deserved. If DE couldn't live happily ever after and such, they should have at least received an incredible powerful, passionate ending even if it was tragic. Finales should get you right in the heart, and I didn't feel that in the S6 finale. I think I would be able to accept that DE was over if I loved the scenes they got in the finale and if S6 had been consistently good for them all the way through. But I don't feel that, and that makes it twice as bitter. 6 months ago
delenasalvatore commented…
Even if watching their last scenes together left me with tears streaming down my face, I could have accepted it if the scenes had been Delena worthy. I've been thinking of that a lot lately, and if Plague knew for absolutely certain that Nina wouldn't be back, then it just means she was too much of a coward to write a suitably moving, if heartbreaking ending, because she wanted to keep DE fans watching. So she felt she had to give us a tame, greetings card episode and that infuriates me because there is nothing about DE that is tame. 6 months ago
cathyirishchic commented…
I can't say that this is the truth but it makes sense. I think Nina's departure was a shock to her as much as it had been for the fans. I read online in an interview that she tried convincing her to stay. If she did that. Good. However, nothing excuses her behaviour towards Delena's possible ending and how she has made season 7. I've been feeling really frustrated and angry with all this. It's not fair. 6 months ago
delenasalvatore said about Fanpop
When you're trying to get a spot look changed and you need fanpop to do it, how long does it take for one of the administrators to update it? I first sent a message to one of them 17 days ago. I get that they're busy, but it just feels like they're ignoring me or they can't be bothered. Someone else from another spot told me she asked fanpop to change a spot look months ago - and they still haven't done it. Posted 6 months ago
delenasalvatore commented…
I don't mean to complain or whinge, but it's very frustrating when a club has created banners and icons and made picks etc, and after 2 weeks of waiting, still nothing. 6 months ago
geocen commented…
Well, you're not the only one with that problem believe me, I have this inconvenient too; but the good news is that the Fanpop team already posted that they are going to do replacements of banners and icons. "The first phase of Gold will be launched in the next several weeks. We'll be starting with fan profile customization and then roll out club banner/icon voting." Read this article for more info: 6 months ago
bouncybunny3 commented…
On one spot I asked a year ago now. Still nothing. 6 months ago
Grr, why is it taking the fanpop adminstrators so long to changer our spot look? I emailed 2 of them asking them to change it!! Posted 7 months ago
HaleyDewit commented…
Hon, I asked them to update the Stiles&Malia spot months ago. Still didn't happen. 7 months ago
Someone has posted a photo of this, but I just couldn't help myself - I simply had to post Ian's quote on the wall too. "You also have this weird Bonnie-Damon dynamic because every time Damon sees Bonnie all he sees is not Elena. If she just went a little further out into the road, I would get Elena back. If she just drank one more shot, I might get Elena back. Ooh, if I accidentally push her off the side of this building, I might get Elena back." Posted 7 months ago
delenasalvatore commented…
Ian, I think the entire DE fandom would push Bonnie off the side of a building if it meant we could get Elena back. 7 months ago
cathyirishchic commented…
lol I agree. Bye Bonnie! 7 months ago
loveofdelena commented…
Ian was most likely joking around about this, but I really don't care, because it reminded me of the old ian and how he used to praise delena, and that means so much to me. 7 months ago