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May Merlin FOTM Interview with Diadem (Diademrocks)

Article posted over a year ago
The May FOTM goes to Diademrocks! :)Here is the interview:

1) Congratulations! You won the Merlin May FOTM! How do you feel?
Honestly, I'm surprised. It's an honor to be the 4th FOTM of this spot.. Thanks to everyone who voted for me :)

2) Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Diadem and I live in Canada. I'm still in grade 8 (Last year of elementary) and I'm in french immersion (Even though I'm no good at it):D I got Fanpop Around last year in December, And i go on it everyday when I come home. Merlin is one of my...

Fanpop Caps: Everthing you need to know about your Showcase

Guide posted over a year ago
Dear fellow-fanpoppers,

Recently Fanpop introduced a new feature to our profile pages:

The Showcase!

Eventhough it’s not a very complicated feature, there seem to be quite a few questions surrounding the caps. This gave me the idea of writing this article, answering the most aksed questions. Let me first say that everything I write is based on how I think this new feature works. I’m not one of the fabulous F4, so please correct me if I’m wrong about something.

the fanfic game

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Merlin FanFic Game
It was late afternoon. The sun was shining down onto the great white walls of Camelot.
Everyone seemed to be happy because of the beautiful weather. It was the best time to go for a walk in the woods. That was what Arthur and Merlin were going to do. Not for a walk exactly, they were going hunting like always.
Arthur went first with Merlin following after him, Of course he had to carry all the equipment.
His back was beginning to ache now. It felt like they had been out and away for hours where in fact it had been only half that. Sometimes...