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dolphin0005 said about Orphan
this movie looks scary
Posted over a year ago
Natali99 commented…
it friend told me about it.... u realy shouldnt watch it!! its more grusom than scary though! over a year ago
RUKidding commented…
it isn't scary at all. just creepy. it's amazeballs though over a year ago
dolphin0005 said about Orphan
the girl who plays esther is the girl who plays clove in the hunger games
Posted over a year ago
dolphin0005 said about Tattoos
i think that getting a tattoo destroys your beauty Posted over a year ago
monarenese21 commented…
Good thing for bad opinions huh? 😎 8 months ago
dolphin0005 said about Judaism
i am having my bat miztva on masada Posted over a year ago
Kaagareth commented…
That is AWESOME. over a year ago
dolphin0005 said about Israel
go jews!!!
israel is a place for peace not war love not hate.
it is also a place for friendship and it will always be no matter if we are at war
or not. israel is and can be home to everyone. Posted over a year ago
Lt_Pupster commented…
im cool with jews tho. over a year ago
dolphin0005 said about Adele
adele i understand why they dont change your voice Posted over a year ago
dolphin0005 said about Taylor Swift
i have major anxiety and i get scared by a lot of things. i never went out with my friends because i was scared that i might get kidnaped. but when taylor came out with the song safe and sound it made me realize that i will be safe if i do safe things. thank you taylor swift for helping me cure my anxiety.
i love you!

P.S you are my role model Posted over a year ago
GoddessDemeter commented…
thats sweet!!!! over a year ago