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Made of Awesome: An Interview with Cinders

Opinion posted over a year ago
The Beautiful Mind: Cinders
Hey Fanpoppers!

I know I'm still a rookie at this interview thing, but I'm starting to get the hang of it (I think) and to be honest I'm also developing a taste for asking a lot of questions. Muahahaha!..ahem..anyway..

She's a great individual, with interesting ideas, strong beliefs and she's very funny too. She has a way with words that lets her express her opinions very clearly and she's constantly mediating when some situations get out of hand; I'm sure a lot of you have seen it around Fanpop. She's a joy to talk to and most definitely made of awesome.

Close encounter of the dazl-ing kind

Opinion posted over a year ago
The cool chick: dazl
Hello Fanpoppers!

I'm Eden and I'll be your tour guide today. Okay, we know her as the crazy, goofy and awesomely random dazl; so I thought I'd take you on a tour inside the mind of the comic genius and legend: Dara

Hopefully this tour is as entertaining and insightful as it is for those who get to know this great individual and no, we won't be focusing on the stalking, we already know she stalks many people. (Not very different from some of us *winks*)

A Well Kept Secret..

Opinion posted over a year ago
Why can't we be happy in our own skin? Nothing is ever good enough. Why must we always believe that what we call beauty, is something so unattainable?

It's pointless to try to figure out what drives people to extremes in search for what is called "being socially acceptable"...beautiful... as we already know, many things influence people.

Why do we fail to see that real beauty lies within? Why must it take so long and be so damn hard to actually learn the lesson and stop treating ourselves this way...we know the consequences, sadly, some never...