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How could "God" do this?!

7 answers | my answer: No matter how many tears you shed, no matter how mu...
Harry Potter

Which Hogwarts house would you LEAST like to be in?

42 answers | my answer: I would say Slytherin. IDK why I don't want to ...

Put a picture of an actual anime character as a Mermaid..or a Merman I don't discriminate.

47 answers | my answer: Seira, Coco, Noel, Caren, Rina, Hanon, & Lucia from...

Post a picture of person with blue hair!!(CONTEST)

55 answers | my answer: My beautiful Fabia Sheen From Bakugan: Gundalian In...

Does any body know any animes with a girl with long blond hair and sky blue eyes?

11 answers | my answer: Lucia from mermaid melody (her hair is SO long that...

Post picture of a person with long hair!(props)

69 answers | my answer: HARUHI!!!!!!!

anime person with the coolest eyes

58 answers | my answer: One eye is Red, and the other is green! >w<

who is your biggest Anime crush???

74 answers | my answer: Shun Kazami from Bakugan!!

Do you know any red-haired anime girls?

375 answers | my answer: Yuga!!!

Post a picture of a Pink Haired Anime Girl

63 answers | my answer: Kimia Rumain!!!