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Twilight Series


5 answers | my answer: how is this? i like this pic very much. if u like t...
Twilight Series

if edward and jacob got into a fist fight who do you think would win?

13 answers | my answer: edward! edward! edward! definitely edward. eventhou...
Twilight Series

For all the twilight fans, can you please join the club i made called mackanzie foy. shes the little girl who was casted to play renesmee in breaking dawn

5 answers | my answer: i will! cool!
Twilight Series

will people please join my spot its called welcome to morganville?

1 answer | my answer: what is morganville?
Twilight Series

Do you think Bella is fit to be a mother?

12 answers | my answer: well! she's clumsy, somtimes irritating and annoyin...
Twilight Series

who is the biggest twilight fan?

15 answers | my answer: im not gonna say that im the biggest fan becoz i sh...
Harry and Ginny

Why do you hate cho

10 answers | my answer: 1. shes not that charming. 2.shes a too much cry b...
Harry, Ron and Hermione

Which part in the Deathly Hallows movie r u mostly lookin forward too with the trio

6 answers | my answer: mine is the malfoy manor, the final battle, snape's...
Wizards of Waverly Place

i'm just wondering...

1 answer | my answer: i didnt see it. what happened in it?
Selena Gomez

Hey fanpopers!!! I'm having a Selena gomez picture contest. Everyone who enters gets one prop. First place is 15 props, second place is 10 props and third place is 5 props. Any kind of Selena picture you want.

31 answers | my answer: here u go! she looks cute,simply cool in this!