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Is it spoiler if I comment on how much I liked this season's plot twist?
They make an argument without words about the penal system that would make Michel Foucault proud.
Plus it made me think a lot about the lawyer's ethics. Excellent season starter! Posted 15 hours ago
I think I'm the only one that ever visits this club Posted 8 days ago
Can't wait to see David Hyde Pierce in season 6! Posted 20 days ago
Will... I'm so upset. Posted 6 months ago
MoniBolis commented…
I can't belive they did it. 6 months ago
laurik2007 commented…
more like shocked :/ 6 months ago
Beverly Posted 6 months ago
FlightofFantasy commented…
I know. *sniff* 5 months ago
AlĂ´??? Tem algum brasileiro por aqui? Posted over a year ago
I'll just say what's in everyone's mind: mustache.
:- { Posted over a year ago
bowties_r_cool commented…
Hahaha! Thought exactly the same :) over a year ago
arwenlover commented…
I'm sorry, but I really dont think it suits him... over a year ago
sherlocked88 commented…
He looks different, but I like him anyway :) over a year ago
I read Star Trek Ongoign #22 and... wtf???? hahahahah What was that??? I don't have words, what's going on on those comics? Posted over a year ago
ITurnAndBurned commented…
apparently vulcans can become zombies that walk in a volcano in the naked state lol over a year ago
evermindforever commented…
I know! lol It's so weird I don't know what to think hahahaha At least it was a surprising ending I guess :p over a year ago
I'm taking a break from Star Trek until June (when the movie comes out in my Country)

I hope everyone keeps the spot active :) Posted over a year ago
big smile
I just read they're not breaking up! yay! can anyone who doesn't mind reading spoilers confirm that? (I hate spoileres, I love to be surprised - but couldn't help myself with this couple) Posted over a year ago
ITurnAndBurned commented…
**** I've read all the spoilers and I can comfirm this over a year ago
evermindforever commented…
yeeess! yay! thanks, I just wanted to confirm :D over a year ago
secretfreak commented…
I just saw the movie and they do indeed stay together! over a year ago