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evermindforever said about Twin Peaks
R.I.P Catherine E. Coulson =( Posted 8 days ago
sunshinedany gave me props for my comments
You can join this round , if you'd like, of course. Posted 3 months ago
evermindforever commented…
thanks! 3 months ago
won't Alice ever divorce Peter? Posted 6 months ago
I still can't belive St. Berry is endgame :,) Posted 6 months ago
Jesse coming back to glee one last time (the only way I'll ever watch glee again, lol)!
Fingers crossed for a Rachel and Jesse ending! Posted 7 months ago
big smile
If anyone likes ADA Rafael Barba, there's a spot! Here: Posted 7 months ago
merry Christmas! you guys watched It's a Wonderful Life today? I did =D Posted 9 months ago
evermindforever said about Oscar Isaac
I'm the only fan in the spot and I still keep updating it, lol
I updated it to myself, how sad =p Posted 10 months ago
evermindforever said about John Cho
I think he's so good in "Selfie", but I don't think Karen Gillan is very good with comedy... :/ Makes me sad, it's so hard to see John Cho in a leading role... I think this show would be better with another actress, a better comedian than her. Posted 11 months ago
If there's something that makes me want to check the new star wars and wish it's a successful movie it's her [and Oscar Isaac too, TBH =p ) Posted 11 months ago