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omg I hate when he takes breaks... but I guess... the guy comes back from hiatus and wins 2 oscars I guess it's better to go away for a while but I miss him Posted 1 month ago
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drewjoana gave me props for my videos
For all the content added to my Adam Driver spot. Hope you may get your medal soon (: Posted 1 month ago
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:D Aw, that's so nice! Thanks! 1 month ago
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evermindforever said about Adam Driver
omg, guys, rumor has it he may win best actor in Cannes! wow! Posted 1 month ago
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Wow, great news (: 1 month ago
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yeah! can't wait to see the movie 1 month ago
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drewjoana gave me props for my videos
Thank you so much for all the content you have add to my Idris Elba spot, specially for the Idris Elba Met Gala 2016 photos.

I appreciate fans like you!

Cheers, Joana Posted 1 month ago
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that's so nice, thanks a lot! :D 1 month ago
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no, thank you! 1 month ago
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evermindforever said about Hugh Laurie
I'm loving him in Veep. Nice to see him in comedy again but playing the serious character Posted 1 month ago
I can't believe there's so few people obsessing over Domhnall Gleeson. Posted 2 months ago
evermindforever said about Mark Hamill
I never get tired of Hamill's Twitter, is too much fun Posted 2 months ago
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TheCountess said …
Thanks for the add back. :D Posted 2 months ago
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you're welcome! 2 months ago
Flickerflame gave me props for my images
Hi, thanks for the add back. Here's a prop for the images you recently added to the Faramir & Eowyn club. Posted 2 months ago
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thanks! 2 months ago
omg, Star Trek IDW #4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (heart eyes) Posted 3 months ago
ITurnAndBurned commented…
same! at first I was bummed a bit by issue one but issue fourth made me get the point ;) 3 months ago