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fanfly said …
Apparently I just feel compelled to make spots for movies no one's really a fan of. lol Posted 7 months ago
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And I'm on a Aaron Eckhart kick! 7 months ago
fanfly said about I, Frankenstein
Little confused. I'm the only fan here but at least 2 people have been fanning my stuff. Stalker much? Posted 7 months ago
fanfly commented…
Well thank you whoever's fanning! Stalk away. XD 7 months ago
KarinaCullen commented…
LOL... but i'm here! XD 7 months ago
fanfly commented…
Yay! 7 months ago
fanfly said about Brian Froud
Seriously? I haven't added anything to this spot in 2 years. All the sudden I've got a Fanatic medal. I don't understand the medal system anymore. Posted 7 months ago
makintosh commented…
^ No one does 7 months ago
hermionicole gave me props for my answers
*_* Posted 7 months ago
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Beyond amazing icons! Looooove them! Posted 8 months ago
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For participating in Movies 20in20... Polls are up... Next Round OPEN! Posted 8 months ago
big smile
I'm so happy I found this spot! I haven't been able to stop think about David and Shaw lately- I need an outlet! Posted 8 months ago
fanfly commented…
Now if only more people would join this club and participate. 8 months ago
vesperi commented…
so glad this exists. 8 months ago
DarkSarcasm said …
Yep! I'd never heard of the series until you used Mercy as a FAK. Couldn't pass up a bad-ass Indian who runs with wolves. Just had to wait 'til I was in the mood. Definitely not looking for a romance novel, so I believe I'll pass on A&O. Thanks for the info! (And for introducing me to Mercy. Despite that one rant, I really did enjoy the other ones!) Posted 8 months ago
DarkSarcasm gave me props for my images
A prop because your Mercy icons (from fooorever ago) were what made me read the series. Finally. Only took "over a year" to get around to it. =P

Did the Alpha & Omega series ever win you over? I saw your 'meh' review of the first one and wondered if you'd read more. If so, did it get better? It's floating between my "maybe read eventually" and "how 'bout no" shelves. Posted 8 months ago
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Congrats... You won T#1, 2, 6, 8, 9 and CATs in TV Couples 20in20.... Next Round OPEN! Posted 8 months ago