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on a scale from 1 to 10 how would you rate naruto?

29 answers | my answer: 10!!! It's very amazing! Much much better than InuY...

Which do you find is more exciting? Bleach or Death Note?? ^_^

12 answers | my answer: I like Death Note way better. I've seen Beach and i...

in your opinion, which anime is a lengend???

18 answers | my answer: Hellsing. In my whole life I've never seen an anime...

- Favorite smoker -

24 answers | my answer: Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing. From the anime Hells...

Who is your favourite character anime with having lovely smile?

14 answers | my answer: Alucard from the anime Hellsing!! I know this smile...

Who is your favorite black haired anime character?

35 answers | my answer: Aucard form the anime Hellsing. He is so freaking h...

do you think having a crush in a anime girl or boy is weird and crazy thing??

63 answers | my answer: Nope. Everything is perfectally normal. If the guy/...

What is your favorite couple?

35 answers | my answer: Alucard and Seras They're form anime Hellsing and ...

What are your favorite animes?

26 answers | my answer: 1. Hellsing 2. Trinity Blood 3. Elfen Lied 4. Na...

On a scale or 1 to 10 what would you rate fullmetal alchemist?

29 answers | my answer: Well I have to rate it 9/10. It coud still use some...