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your brucas comments are great Posted over a year ago
foreverloved35 said about Brucas
It's been years since this amazing couple has made themselves known on screen, besides the many reruns. The show is done, and no longer airs at the 8 time slot on the CW, but no matter how many years pass, how much time is spent and gone, many fans disappear, there will always be one couple for us. They will forever hold our hearts, minds and souls, and remind us what EPIC is, because that's what they were, what two people destined to be together were. Always Brucas! Still in my heart <3 Posted over a year ago
foreverloved35 said about Brucas
So Sophia has turned around its like she broke up with Austin and now she's on the BRUCAS TRAIN! Someone tried to sell a fake monkey. she found out about it and acknowledged the fact that someone was trying to make profit of the fake thing. "don't spend your $ thinking this is the #Brucas prop, because it isn't. ItReallyMakesMeALLKindsOfAngryWhenPeopleTryToRipOffMyFans" -Sophia.............She never relates anything to brucas!!! Posted over a year ago
Broody_4_Cheery commented…
if it looked the same i would still waste my money on it :P over a year ago
Broody_4_Cheery commented…
if it looked the same i would still waste my money on it :P over a year ago
foreverloved35 commented…
well apparently it didn't look like the original one at all...but I don't care about that she put brucas in her tweet! over a year ago
foreverloved35 said about Brucas
You know everyone thinks that the day of the shooting I ran back into the school for you. But I didn't. I hadn't even meant to run back inside at all. Nathan wanted to go in because Haley was still inside, and I went after him to stop him. But it was Haley. So we both went inside—a baseball bat versus a bullet. Then we saw the trail of blood leading towards the library, and we split up. But I had no idea it'd be you in the library. It could've been anyone. Posted over a year ago
foreverloved35 commented…
And don't get me wrong, I don't regret getting you outta there. I never have, and I probably never will. You were Brooke's best friend. You were my friend. And Haley's and Nathan's. I don't think any of us could've lived with ourselves if you hadn't made it out that day. But all of this was a really long time ago." he shrugs, "You need to learn to save yourself. I think it's about time, too." over a year ago
foreverloved35 commented…
Story: linkI thank him for writing this over a year ago
lilou265 commented…
*Clapping*!!!!! over a year ago
How could i freaking miss the Nina action at Cochella if i've been watching live videos of it all freaking day! Ugh my life sucks....seriously...hope we get it on youtube soon on another video... Posted over a year ago
chelle11 commented…
Here it is!! 26:20 link over a year ago
julia18 commented…
link over a year ago
foreverloved35 commented…
^Awww I'm sorry delenaluv...You know what don't think...maybe something even better will happen. I'm sorry though. over a year ago
foreverloved35 said about Brooke Davis
Does anyone know what scene Brooke and chase are at trick and then he quotes something from a song about and it's like how she can't be missed of forgotten or something trying to find it. Posted over a year ago
foreverloved35 said about Brucas
I just want to say that you all have been amazing fans to a couple who has been hurt and torn apart in so many ways. I'm so happy to be apart of a great group of fans that are so dedicated. Though, as below, we didn't get much, i'm at least happy we got something, knowing mark, Sophia, hey even chad, if they really had there word, we would get nothing.
I'm just glad that we stuck through it and stayed strong to our one couple.
Long live Brucas
Goodnight tree hill/ brucas - well on the tv Posted over a year ago
Broody_4_Cheery commented…
well said over a year ago
xoheartinohioxo commented…
Long live Brucas ♥ over a year ago
FallenLove commented…
<3 over a year ago
foreverloved35 said about Brucas
I don't get it.
He may have saved Peyton- but he SAVED Brooke from herself.
He turned HIS room into hers.
He had pet names for her.
He encouraged her to go for Student President.
He taught her to look at the simplicity within life.
He gave her encouragement, happiness, love.
He ran after her all the time, instead of letting her go.
The river court and the beach as THEIR spot.
He was their for Angie.
He knew she was going to be good mom
How can they say he didn't love her?
How can it be? Posted over a year ago
foreverloved35 said about Brucas
I'm so mad right now. I must be a crazy fan because i feel like crying. I HATE JULIAN! He replaced himself on peytons doors, when they wrote there names. I HATE this.!!! I'm so MAD at MARK!!!!! WTF UGH THIS IS IT! I"M DONE! Posted over a year ago
alwaysforever commented…
I know I just... I can't even think about it anymore. It hurts. over a year ago
blbeliever commented…
Ughhh .... That is so unfair for us, anyway we shouldn't be mad for this because brucas never existed anyway, over a year ago
jemgrl323 commented…
AT LEAST (and this is a big at least, cause I know it doesn't make it so much better) Julian replaced Peyton's dad with his name. If he had erased Lucas I would have flipped a shit. I could deal with Larry being taken off the door and replaced w/ long as he wasn't replacing Lucas on the door. over a year ago
foreverloved35 said about Brucas
Omg did you all see the next preview! It's about Brooke. Her house with the red door is like one of the main focus. She gives Julian her diary that consists of 15-18 its perfect for some brucas maybe!!! Hopefully, a flashback or something. Posted over a year ago
xoheartinohioxo commented…
I'm wishing we'll get a flashback, or at least just TALK of Brucas... but i try not to get my hopes up. over a year ago
Jessica4695 commented…
I bet there will be a mentioned about lucas, its her diary for god's sake. over a year ago
foreverloved35 commented…
Right, and especially with the house and the door, I mean it was LUCAS who always "I love the girl behind the Red Door" and I hope that Julian says nothing close to that. And 15-18 years of age, I'm pretty sure there's a lot of Lucas in there. over a year ago
Nelafy20 commented…
It will be a great end!Hope they talk about Brucas :D over a year ago