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me myself and harry styles chapter 2

Fan fiction posted over a year ago

i saw angie 1 look and she started running was it that bad i thought i quickly pulled away from the kiss leaving the bar i texted her saying

angie <3 <3
where r u it was a drunken mistake come back

no reply

she must hate me man i messed up
i asked everyone if they have seen her they all said NO.

the only person i have not asked was the lead singer{A/N harry styles} i ran up the stage asking him if he had seen her he said no why i explained how she was my girlfriend i told him...

Me myself and Harry styles chapter one

Fan fiction posted over a year ago

A/N: punctuation is not right because if you complain I will ignore you because that is just plain mean :( feel sad have to do that but they are mean people in this world

<3 chapter one <3


IT'S OUR 2 YEAR ANNIVERSERY I yelled at my sorry excuse for a boyfriend he said not my problem he said sitting there like a total jerk I'm just going to pull tickets from my laptop I muttered since...