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GG February FOTM Interview with rorymariano (Amber)

Article posted over a year ago
" In my opinion it's the writing that makes it so unique."
Congrats and NOSNDNAS AMBER!!! ;) You're the first ever FOTM for the Gilmore Girls spot, and I cannot think of a better person. You're an amazing GG fan and friend, and I'm so happy you've managed to bring this spot back to life. And you've got some great answers in this interview. Off we go!!

1. How did you get started watching Gilmore Girls?

This is actually kind of a funny story. I had convinced myself that Gilmore Girls was this bad "grown-up" show, so I didn't want to turn it on while anyone else was in the room in case I would get in trouble. Finally I...

October Leyton FOTM Interview with kellyerin87! (Kelly)

Article posted over a year ago
"The way that Lucas protected her, and the way Peyton was so vulnerable, and comforted by him... it made me fall for them right away"
Wanted to start off this article by saying congrats to Kelly once again, for winning the October FOTM, she totally deserves it for all she contributes to the spot. And she's got some good answers in here y'all, so read on!

1. How did you first get started watching One Tree Hill?
-I was flipping through channels on TV (I guess about 5 years ago?), and came across an episode of OTH that was playing. It was 3x16, the school shooting episode. Needless to say, after seeing that episode... I was hooked. I immediately began following the show, and rewatching it from season...

August Leyton FOTM with Kathrina! (bruliangurl)

Article posted over a year ago
"The chemistry in that scene by the lake is!"
First off, I'd like to say congratulations to Kathrina for winning! She deserves it so much, and has really help to get the LP spot back to it's amazing status. No onto the interview!

1. How long have you been an OTH fan?
The first episode I ever watched was 5x06. I saw Leyton having that fight and was instantly drawn to the show. They had more chemistry than any other couple on tv that I`d ever seen. I wanted them to be together from that moment.

2. Is Leyton your OTP or your OTH OTP?

First Ever Skins FOTM Interview with Mary (sophialover)

Article posted over a year ago
"They`re just a couple you can`t ignore. It`s in their eyes since the Pilot."
First off I'd just like to say major Congrats are in order for being voted the very first Skins FOTM, Mary. We all know what a HUGE Skins fan you are so you totally deserve to be the first FOTM. And y'all she's got some amazing answers in here so read on! Now let's start the interview!

1. How did you first hear about Skins?

HAHA you`re bringing me back to those days eh? Well,me and my friend Dawn (livelovelaugh) were having a conversation in the BFG (Brucas Fan Girls) forum. So she`d talk about Skins and about how she was nervous cause brand new generation was...

Leyton FOTM With Amy-Beth, loves-oth

Article posted over a year ago
We just got carried away. It didn't mean anything. It didn't? Of course it did.
Hey girls! This is my interview with our newest Leyton FOTM, Amy-Beth, who is also the OTH FOTM. So that just goes to show you how awesome this girl is. She has added so much to the Leyton spot, and is such a sweet and amazing OTH fan. Love her! Okay let the interview begin!

Here are my interview questions! Thank you for the awesome questions! Excuse all the spelling and grammar guys! :)

1. Is Leyton your all-time favorite couple?
No, I’M SORRY GUYS! Naley is my favourite, and Leyton are a very close second. But now I’ve been introduced to Logan and Veroica...