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ginny_potter_97 said about Tumblr
To any one contemplating joining tumblr, DON'T!!!!! it will be the worst decision of your life and you will regret it as you spend hours clicking a mouse!!!!!! DON'T DO IT!!!! Posted over a year ago
Tamar20 commented…
PFT, too late. I'm ready somewhat an addict... over a year ago
Teamjacob27 commented…
Wish someone had told me that before i joined. Now i am completely addicted xxx over a year ago
selena180 commented…
I just joined! Can't get enough!!!! Should have read this earlier! over a year ago
ginny_potter_97 said …
This is just a gateway tumblr. stop now before you get any farther along!!! heed my warning!!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
aziny said …
hi, check out
I am sure you will love this, since you like nail polishes Posted over a year ago
peppergirl30 gave me props for my polls
Thanks for the add back :) Posted over a year ago
ginny_potter_97 said about Halloween
GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?! TODAY IS FREAKING HALLOWEEN! Posted over a year ago
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kenzichu gave me props for my comments
awesome motto! Posted over a year ago
Claudia4599 gave me props for my polls
Nice motto! I say the same thing! Posted over a year ago
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Nice motto♥ Posted over a year ago
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Omg i love your motto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
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"A sCHool prom is diffrent with every sCHool and every sCHool year."
Good spelling ftw!!! Posted over a year ago
ginny_potter_97 commented…
it erks me when people talk like that on a computer. texting like thak is fine with me, but on a computer annoys me over a year ago