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Hi Greedo, you profile looks great! :) Posted over a year ago
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Cool icon to me its cute Posted over a year ago
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its been a month write back! Posted over a year ago
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I'm sorry Im called you Harold! My cousins think Greedo's name is Harold (they think Han said that) so I'm terribly sorry about that Greedo! Posted over a year ago
StarWarsGuy123 said …
Hi, Greedo! If you could please make an article on what you think Greedo says to Han in The Mos Eisley Cantina, that would be great! Super! So, Harold, if you become a fan of me, I'll keep posting you stuff on your wall! You shot first, but sadly, you died. (sighs) I'm a huge fan of this Rodian too! I'm a fan of all the Mos Eisley Cantina creatures! Not the humans, they're really boring in the film. The only humans I like are Han of course, Wuher The Bartender, and Dr. Evazan! Leave me a post! Posted over a year ago
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for your vids on the Halloween Spot(: Posted over a year ago
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This prop is for the awesome video you shared with all of us :)) link Posted over a year ago
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For your top 10 animated Disney women!! FABULOUS!!! Posted over a year ago
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For your awesome videos in the Halloween spot. Happy Halloween to you! Posted over a year ago
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For your Awesome "Halloween Treats" List, Kudo`s to you! =) Posted over a year ago