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Romance is Everywhere※※※※※※※ Chapter 1~part 1

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
-Aiko`s P.O.V.-
I whatched as my 5 year old daughter ran around the clearing with my mate.

My daugher,Iuana,had black hair and silver dog ears like me.Her eyes were gold with a hint of blue.she wore a light blue kimono with butterflys here and there.

My mate,Kyo,had silver hair with black dog ears (kyo:thats Iuana`s hair only oppisite
me:i'm lazy and whats your point
kyo:shut it!
me:while i'm thinking about it all 3 of them are in the clearing of the bone-eaters-well) Blue eyes with a hint of...

10 ways to annoy peaple at the pet store

Article posted over a year ago
1.ask "what kind of computers do you sell here"
2.yell "theres a aligator lose in the store" see what happens
3.start singing "cooler than me by Mike Posner" in the front of the store
4.if an employee asks what your doing say "I was proforming this place needs louder music"
5.bring in a stuffed animal & ask "what kind of food does he/she need to eat?" & show them the stuffed animal.
6.instead of acctually ask them where something is say 'cookie' for every word (ex:wheres the dog food? - cookie cookie cookie cookie?