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garthlover said …
Do you remember me? Posted 1 month ago
Wolf_Tamer said …
Hello Hank666 you haven't been on very often, have you? Posted 1 month ago
hank666 said about Alpha and Omega
Anyone else find Daria's eyes kinda intriguing? I know she is blind, but the way her eyes seem fogged just, it's different in a nice way, it fits her overall charater design. Posted 2 months ago
Rockowolf123 commented…
reminds me of five nights at freddy's lmao 2 months ago
MojoOmegaWolf commented…
I liked practically everything about Daria. I liked her eyes, her personality, her story, her voice, and I liked the way she interacted with Runt. 2 months ago
Kitsune32 commented…
I feel as though if she wasn't blind, her eyes might've been either green or golden. 2 months ago
big smile
hank666 said about Alpha and Omega
I know I may be late, but I wanted to say it's amazing to think it is the 4 year anniversary of Alpha and Omega, I remember going to the theatres opening day to see it! :) Posted 6 months ago
tehrealkatewolf commented…
I remember seeing the commercial for it on was love a first sight.. 6 months ago
Viperthewolf commented…
@tehrealkate ik how you feel it was wasnt it<3 6 months ago
TimberHumphrey commented…
anyway, first time i saw the A&O trailer back in 2010 i fuckin LOVED IT! went to see it in theaters and it blew me away! 6 months ago
Garth115 said …
hey buddy ol' pal. Posted 6 months ago
hank666 commented…
Heya 6 months ago
hank666 said about Alpha and Omega
I just had this pop into my head, I remember when people thought Hutch was an alpha, when in reality he would be and is a beta, mainly people thought he was an alpha due to the unacknowledgement of the other pack ranks, random yes, but I had to see what ya'll think ^^ Posted 6 months ago
pabloescaval commented…
I still consider him an alpha because of the amount of swag that hutch has is to damn high. 6 months ago
TheChriZ1995 commented…
In any Fanfic I write that includes him he is an alpha, but he's second in command. 6 months ago
Viperthewolf commented…
its nice to see ya still around hank 6 months ago
hybred_98 gave me props for my images
Whats up buddy Posted 7 months ago
hank666 commented…
Nm bud you? 7 months ago
stella2015 gave me props for my videos
Sup man? Posted 7 months ago
hank666 commented…
Nothing much 7 months ago
LorMel gave me props for my pop quiz questions
Thanks for the add, Hank, I added you back! Posted 7 months ago
hank666 commented…
Thanks! :) 7 months ago
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Forgot to add you in the Fan List Bro. :D Posted 7 months ago
hank666 commented…
Thanks bud ^^ 7 months ago