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Dark-Blood said …
hank message me its important plz Posted 3 days ago
Lightningwolf98 gave me props for my comments
Hey man! I haven't been online on fanpop in.... 7 months? Around there lol. Fuckin' long time. Anyway, here is a long awaited prop :) Posted 8 days ago
Dark-Blood said …
just dropping to say hi :) my hubby mentioned u last night and got my thinking on how u where :) Posted 21 days ago
hank666 said about Alpha and Omega
I got a question y'all, who is your favorite character and why? I would say, (though obvious), that mine is Hutch. Besides "he just looks cool", his voice and personality, though not as shown as say Humphrey's, is very different, he seems more authorizing and a "right hand man" way of being. With looks, his war paint like facial markings make him stand out, as does his very black and dull color, not the normal colorful Kate and say Lilly, his larger mane style hair also makes him stand out. Posted 3 months ago
hank666 commented…
Sorry for long post BTW, haven't posted in a while so I'm making up for it xD 3 months ago
nicker11500 commented…
glad you haven't forgotten us :D , my favorite character is Hutch and you said my reason :P 3 months ago
sanman7 commented…
i have to agree with you on hutch he`s silent and professional but you still know he`s a badass 3 months ago
hank666 said about Alpha and Omega
Alpha and Omega : The video game.

This should be a thing. I would defiantly play it and have fun, and if ever such a thing should be made, bring it out on the mainstream gaming consoles. You could create your own wolf and or do a campaign as one of the original characters. You can run around and explore and such, damn, I would love to have such a game. Posted 3 months ago
LoneOmega commented…
Me would be really awesome a gameplay if it was like that !! And Hey Hank !!! I've never seen you active here xD 3 months ago
Ignas357 commented…
Heh, I already created the cover for grand theft alpha, remember? xD also, wow, been a while since I saw you here 3 months ago
thehumphrey commented…
I would like the idea, but i dont think that industry will take off 3 months ago
garthlover gave me props for my pop quiz questions
Great, I finally find my hero and he gives me the silent treatment. Posted 6 months ago
hank666 commented…
Sorry! I have a life just to let ya know, I'm visiting family right now and all so please give nme time 6 months ago
garthlover commented…
ok sorry 6 months ago
garthlover gave me props for my images
I had a horrible day, ya. The guy I like at school, ya, he went over to, BARF BAGS side! So now I'm a too timing loser with an attitude , and I'm not afraid to use it! Posted 6 months ago
garthlover commented…
Also I shaened my nails to a point, I like to use these bad boys. 6 months ago
garthlover gave me props for my articles
Hey there *twirls gun around finger* get my inbox. I sent you about TEN letters! *sighs and shoots gun strait up in ari* Posted 6 months ago
garthlover commented…
Oh something else you should know, my attitude changes with my profile picture. 6 months ago
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I'm so sad!!! Posted 6 months ago
garthlover said …
U on? Posted 6 months ago