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The "No Problem" Problem

Article posted over a year ago
Where I live, "No Problem" is rapidly becoming a standard answer to many questions and statements, including expressions of appreciation. For instance:

"Thank you so much for doing that!"
"No problem!"

Why is this an issue of interest to fans of English? Because "no problem" is not an appropriate response. That is not to say that "no problem" is NEVER appropriate, just that its use is (and should be) pretty specific. "No problem" is ONLY an appropriate response in situations where a problem is explicit or implied. For instance, in the following interchange:

Epic debate failure (or "What not to do in a debate")

Opinion posted over a year ago
On and off for the past several years, I've been working on a bunch of articles here on Fanpop: interviews (so many interviews....), comic articles, reviews, and various "What is..." explanatory articles. One of the ones on the back burner has been the "What is Debate?" article, and since I haven't finished that, I have to summarize some basic points about debate:

1) Debate is all about using arguments to support a position, thesis or statement.
2) Debate requires opposition: at least two sides arguing the truth or fallacy of the thesis.

Review: _Swimming Pool_

Opinion posted over a year ago
RECOMMENDATION: A good adult thriller. Amongst others, fans of thrillers will like this film, as will those who thought Dark City, Brazil, Total Recall and/or The Matrix had too much action and not enough sex.

CRITIQUE: This is a beautifully shot film about fear, loathing and revenge, with an ending that leaves you guessing. The characters' costumes change as the characters develop, a nice yet subtle visual touch. There's a great shot in the middle of the film as we see the protagonist typing madly into her laptop; the camera drifts slowly to one side...

Your Awesome

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Your Awesome

Do you have it?

Keep it safe
Keep it quiet
In a little box
In your pocket
Folded, lovingly, in your wallet
Or under your mattress
Treasure it
You only get one

But such a one!
Charismatic without being
Beautiful yet
In the right circumstances

Do you want it?

Novel: "Choke", part 1

Article posted over a year ago
Charlie looked searchingly into her eyes. "Kat, Kat, I've been so lonely..."

Katarina put a finger to his lips. "Shhh..." She moved her hand up, brushing her fingers across his tear-stained cheek and then ran them through his hair. "You don't have to say anything more." Boldened, Charlie pulled her close, pressing firmly against her, and their lips met, tentatively at first and then with more eagerness.

"Mmmm..." she murmured, and pulled the covers back over her head. But there was no escaping it; time rolled on whether she was awake or not, and dreams of her...