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Mock Talent Entries

Opinion posted over a year ago
This article is a sidebar to the How Fanpop's Got Talent works summary article, and just describes the Mock Talent portion of the competition. It was last edited on 20 June 2009.

Mock Talent?
A mock talent is a parody of a Fanpop's Got Talent entry, created for fun and humor. As such you can enter any of the same types of content you would for the competition in earnest (see the summary article for details): images, articles,...

The jokester

Article posted over a year ago
"Then you show up and drink my poison!"

Barnaby laughed with the others, but his heart wasn't in it. He was concentrating too hard. Should he have picked one that was more ribald?

"You didn't tell it right!"

He'd heard that one before, but Jim really had a good delivery, and got a big laugh. Barnaby thought he was ready, but just couldn't interject into the flow of jokes of the older guys.

"Don't worry - it'll stretch!"

Critique me: "The Savannah Limes"

Article posted over a year ago
I wrote this some days ago, intentionally trying to write as poorly as possible without resorting to chat language. It occurred to me that such writing would be good fodder not only for humor, but for critical analysts to test their analytical skills. So I invite you, dear reader, to experience the text, then write your analysis in the comments field below. Feel free to be as harsh as you feel is necessary.

The Savannah Limes

You feel a twinge in your arm as a gazelle leaps past, and suddenly the flavor of lime fills your mouth. Laughingly you rest your arm on...

Review: _Twilight_ by Stephanie Meyer

Opinion posted over a year ago
This review was last edited on 6 November 2008. A caveat: keep in mind that this was written by an adult man reading a young adult novel: my opinions will differ from many fans of the book just as my time in life and experience also differ.

In my mind, a review consists of three parts: a recommendation, a review of the plot, and a critique of the craft that went into the product. These each follow. If you have not read the book already and think you might, avoid the review and critique both, as they discuss the book in detail.

Fanpop Writer's Group

Guide posted over a year ago
This article presents the concepts of the Fanpop Writer's Group, and was last edited on 6 July 2009.

Session Information
The third session for 2009 is posted here. Please participate!

Previous sessions
* Session 2, 2009: here
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