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Twilight Series

in Eclipse, wich kiss did u like the most?, Bella and Edward at the bedroom, or Jacob and Bella when she is asking him not to fight.

7 answers | my answer: definitely the " almost sex scenes" !! it was so c...
Twilight Series

Do you like Kristen's new hair????

10 answers | my answer: no definitely brown!! the black looks a bit gothic ...
Emma Watson

Emma move in with hers boyfriend Jay:),so i think she dont like Rupert or Daniel. And i happy when she is happy. what do you think?

3 answers | my answer: i don't like him. he kinda looks really like a snob...

I haven 't seen the movie but read about it and I WANT to see it.... Can find it at any store or some in particular?

2 answers | my answer: i've seen it on youtube. i guess it's the easiest w...
Sad Songs

Your fave sad songs??

11 answers | my answer: i heard it the first time in bones and fallen in lo...
Sad Songs

Anyone know any good songs about unrequited love?

13 answers | my answer: I really want you - James Blunt

what is romance to you?

10 answers | my answer: When you get butterflies in one's stomach! :D