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heyarnoldfan said about Hey Arnold!
Hey Arnold is the best show ever!!! They NEED to make the hey Arnold jungle movie SOON!!!! Posted over a year ago
ilovetdi3598 commented…
The movie cancelled over a year ago
kyle852 commented…
>< this sucks i wish there going to make that movie over a year ago
invader_eri commented…
Hey, they started the storyboard for The Jungle Movie and everything! NICKELODEON CANCELLED IT!!!!!! But if you write a letter to 1515 Broadway New York, NY 13006 we can all write NICE letters to nickelodeon asking for the jungle movie! For Arnold and Helga!!! over a year ago
mxcnflthaf commented…
Really! You can do that! I am definitley writing a letter! :D over a year ago