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Post any character with red or white hair.

66 answers | my answer: Prussia from Hetalia has white hair

if you could marry any anime character who would it be?

66 answers | my answer: Feliciano(Italy!)from Hetalia <3

Post a picture of an Anime character that you inlove with >8-D

57 answers | my answer: Italy from Hetalia

post just for this day two anime characters to claim, first come first serve and mine are kanade tachibana and saitohimea(lol no surprise)

17 answers | my answer: Italy and Romano from Hetalia

do you girls love brock from pokémon?

7 answers | my answer: He's cool but i don't have any pictures sorry

Favorite anime couple <3 cutest couple gets props

26 answers | my answer: Ash and Misty from Pokémon

if you could kiss any anime/manga character who would it be?

63 answers | my answer: Feliciano <3

Any character you can relate to?

7 answers | my answer: Italy aka Feliciano from Hetalia

post any anime picture you like

44 answers | my answer: Here ya go

Who Is Your Current Anime Crush?

65 answers | my answer: Feliciano Vargas aka Italy from Hetalia