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escada gave me props for my articles
thanks, I love your Stefan icon <3 <3
yes, don't I know it
I'm hoping for todays episode :fingers crossed Posted over a year ago
Shaaaaaaayyyy Posted over a year ago
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TVD: Stefan is my favorite too <3 Then Klaus and Caroline. As for the couples, I'm for Stelena and Klaroline mostly <3

Gilmore Girls : I agree it's easy to love everyone there but my favorite is by far Lorelai <3 And I agree Rory can be very annoying! I ship Luke/Lorelai the most but I quite like every Rory's ships.

Do you watch any other show ? (: Posted over a year ago
AdeTiffSan gave me props for my polls
Glad you loved my polls :) I enjoyed making them :)

I see you love TVD and Gilmore Girls, I do too :) Which ones are your favorite there (couples, characters...) ?

I'm Adeline by the way, but call me Ade :) Posted over a year ago
ilovestefan said about Tim Riggins
THIRTY-THREE!!!! Posted over a year ago
ilovestefan said about Tim Riggins
Sometimes I wish that short-haired bad movie Taylor Kistch didn't exist, because it's a painful reminder that the beauty of Tim Riggins wasn't real. Posted over a year ago
ilovestefan said about Matt Saracen
I just watched the one where Matt Saracen's dad died and he goes over to the Taylor's house and is drunk and going on about how he hates his dad and how he tries to be good and then he runs out into the street and is sobbing and then Coach comes and puts his arm on Matt's shoulder and and and that's why I'm a total wreck right now. Posted over a year ago
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Saw you were a Haven fan, that's so cool ! There are practically none here, that's so sad :(
Anyway, if you want to share, I'm Ade :) Posted over a year ago
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"Wait this is based on looks right? I love Alaric, but... eh. How is Hot Uncle Mason losing though?
I mean his name is HOT Uncle Mason!!
That's how they list him in the credits right? Right? :P "

THis made me laugh so much. keep writing your comments they are awesome. Posted over a year ago
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#6 Posted over a year ago