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imcrazybones said about Bones
Picture this: the time when Booth was with Hannah BUT I have an idea. Imagine that one of the murder suspects was a girl who looked like exactly Booth and Brennan puted together, so during the case she is freaking out everyone in the lab cuz she looks like their doughter ( teenager ) and when the case is over she becames an intern in Jeffersonian and she is ruining Hannahs life because she hates her and she is trying to connect Bren and Booth ! That will be awesome, don't you think ??? Posted over a year ago
sophie_rasmus commented…
heheheh awesome! but you know what would be cool back then? another case like that one in season 3 that B&B had to take care of baby Andy, but in a different way, a girl about 2 or 3 years old that looked exactly like B&B and the girl is starting to call them mon and dad.... so Hanna starts the get super angry and jealous because everyone tells them that they're a cute family xD over a year ago
whoahorse commented…
hahahah oh my God! you both have awesome ideas :) over a year ago
imcrazybones commented…
I'm gonna try a fanfic about it ;) Thank you :* over a year ago