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Veronicas Secret (A FOP fanfiction part:1)

Opinion posted over a year ago
Izzysawsome Timmy runs in his room schoked at his demise. "Whats with the shock, Timmy?" Wanda said with a croke in her voice. You'd think it'd be Vicky. But, no. It's Tootie. Tootie comes in and screams "TIMMY! Oh my love muffin! Where are you?!?" *whispers to Wanda: I wish I was at Veronicas house!* Wanda pauses, wondering why Timmy want's to go to Veronicas, but as it's required in Da Rules she poofs him there in a snap. Timmy looks around with a question in his head. "Uh-" he got cut off "Oh darn it!" Veronica walks in her room. "My life sucks she exclaims! Trixie gets all the boys 'Oh look it's the...

My weird dream.......

Opinion posted over a year ago
Izzysawsome K, so I went to sleep (obviously XD) and had this crazy dream about.......You guessed it KEVIN BAKER. It was so weird it went like this:

My mom: Good job Kevin

Kevin: Thanks

Me: I hate you but good job *fistpounds Kevin*

Kevin: Gee that's nice saying you hate me infront of your parents

Me: It's ok they've known I hate you for a long time now.

Kevin: Ok?

*my mom whispers this to me: I like him* b

~The songs on my Ipod! ;)~

Opinion posted over a year ago
Izzysawsome Any Kind of Guy ~Big Time Rush

Sk8r Boi ~Avril Lavinge

Backstabber ~Ke$ha

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich ~Lady GaGa

Big Night ~Big Time Rush

This Is Our Someday ~Big Time Rush

Blah Blah Blah ~Ke$ha

Born This Way ~Lady GaGa

Bottoms Up ~Trey songz (ft. Nicki Minaj)

Boyfriend ~Big Time Rush

Boys Boys Boys ~Lady GaGa

Cannibal ~Ke$ha


Private things. =/

Opinion posted over a year ago
Izzysawsome Well I was walking down the street MINDING MY OWN FREAKING BUISSNESS! You know what never mind. But these little fags get on my nerves. One really pissing me off. I fraking know he likes me. I ain't stupid. I CAN SEE! It's pretty obvious. And the other being himslef. I hope they read this btw. They probably will. You know why? CAUSE THERE FREAKING STALKERS!.

I got nothing against stalkers. Cause I used to be one if you remember. But these guys (idk know if they are even guys O_o) will do ANYTHING! There back-stabbing traders. Am I making them sound gay? YEP. even thought there...

Tornado :O

Opinion posted over a year ago
Izzysawsome There was a Tornado where I was! Thank God it didn't come to us. It almost did but didn't. The girl I was sitting next to me was texting her mother. And when he went to our lockers (to do the tornado drill) and the dude I sat next said "I want to cry but I'm a man so I won't" XD It was Dyaln who said that. Shocking. And now this dude Cody wants to kill me cause I accidently hit his hand with a fly-swatter. (Don't ask :/)

I'm fine. Or am I......? jk I'm perfectly fine.