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James Maslows biography!!!!

Opinion posted over a year ago
James Maslow stars in Nickelodeon’s “Bigtime Rush!” James Maslow is a relative unknown who was cast in the series after a nationwide search.

James Maslow previously made a guest appearance on “iCarly.”

James was born in New York City and moved to San Diego, California, when he was 6 years old. James Maslow has been singing since he was 5 years old. At age 10, James began singing with the San Diego Opera. James Maslow performed with the La Jolla Playhouse Summer Conservatory—home to many award winning plays and musicals.

Izzy & Noah *One Shot*

Opinion posted over a year ago
Izzys POV:

There I was staring at Noah, the man of my dreams, Finally! I can talk to him I go over to were he is and say "Hi Noah" I blush a little, dispite him seeing it. "Hey Izzy, did you know.....?" "KNOW WHAT?!" When it comes to knowng things I like to be the first to hear about it. "Your single...." "Gee, thanks for reminding me" I roll my eyes then that's when he said it: "And I'm single to......" "Woah, woah, woah! Are you asking me on a date?" I said a tear almost came upon my eye.

♥The Dreamers Part: 4 1/2♥

Opinion posted over a year ago
"Well, you guys wanna get some sodas?" Anna acted like nothing had happened. "Sure" Me and Fargo said at the same time. I turned away from them and blushed then I turned back quickly. Me and Anna turned back (because we had heard a bunch of sreaming. There he was Billy Fillions. The best Rockstar EVER! . Me and Anna ran over there and started screamig. "Oh My Gawd, Oh My Gawd!!!!!! BILLY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!. Billy turned to Anna and gave a wink to her, then she passed out. I could hear Fargo through all the girly screams. Heres what he's saying: "Stupid girls and rockstars. I mean *in a...

♥The Deamers Part: 3♥

Opinion posted over a year ago
*beep beep beep* "SHUT-UP stupid alarm clock!" I yelled at the alarm like I was...well...mad. I got up got into some decent clothes brushed my teeth (and my hair) and was on my way to the post office to give a present to my sister. On my way out there was a note on the stair ir read: I'm sorry for what I did please meet me in the mall at 5:30 I got something for you :) ~Fargo "Awwwwww! Thats so sweet, but hedeservesto be taught a lesson, so I will teach it to him!" I went back in and got a knife. "There, that's better" Then I got a evil facail expression and said "My sister's present...

My fav songs!

Opinion posted over a year ago
● We R Who We R ~Ke$ha

● Paper Gnangsta ~Lady GaGa

● Dynamite ~Taio Cruz

● You Belong With Me ~Taylor Swift

● Love Like Woe ~The Ready Set

● Take It Off ~Ke$ha

● Teenage Dream ~Katy Perry

● Mine ~Taylor Swift

● Cooler Than Me ~Mike Posner

● Tik Tok ~Ke$ha

● LoveGame ~Lady GaGa

● Oh Yeah ~Big Time Rush

● Firework ~Katy Perry