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Oh, you've lost faith in fanpop :(!
But yeah, I was pretty happy that Chicago won!! Those last 2 minutes were just crazyyyy! I could not believe they had scored 2 goals so quickly lol!
I guess you were pretty happy too...!! ;) Posted 9 months ago
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Well at least Chicago won their playoffs against Minnesota :D! That's pretty good news, I hope they get the cup! I'm a bit scared of San Jose though... they totally destroyed Vancouver... Also, have you seen how well the Islanders are playing??? They're losing 3 games to 2 against Pittsburgh, now that's a surprise if you ask me! Even though I think Fleury's a bit overrated, he's not very consistent... What do you think? :) Posted 11 months ago
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Yes it's so nice! I'm so happy I found another hockey fan on fanpop ;)! I never get to talk about it here lol... until now!

Yes, I am a Montreal fan and I'm currently mourning their elimination :'(! They played well though, but did not manage to score against Anderson enough and then ended up giving up... what a great goalie! Reminds me of the year, Halak did miracles for our team and we managed to beat Washington and Pittsburgh Posted 11 months ago
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Oh yeah! Chicago won their first game :D! Let's partyyyyyyy lol! Posted 11 months ago
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You're welcome!

Yes, I am! Actually, I'd say I'm a big fan of hockey in general. I live in Montreal so hockey's like a religion here. Chicago is one of my top 3 favourite teams!!! I just find them all so young and talented :') lol! And Toews just looks so grumpy on your icon xD it makes me smile everytime I look at it!

And you? A Chicago fan also, I suppose ;)? Posted 12 months ago
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Hahahaha! I love your icon so much <333! Posted over a year ago
big smile
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Hey will you please join my new club? Its for all people that are either Team Edward, Or Twilight Saga fans or if you just like Robert Pattinson! I'd really appreciate it just let me know if you join I will give you props & I'm thinking by your name that you will really like the club & The photos ;-) ♥ thank have a great day love, Mia Posted over a year ago
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Danke fürs adden Posted over a year ago
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Hey! Nice to meet you! :) Posted over a year ago
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I don't even know you, but the articles tell me that your awsome! Posted over a year ago
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Oh my gosh! What did you read? Thank you so much. You are so lovely! over a year ago