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Inazuma Eleven

Can you tell me quotes about the chracters of this anime??

2 answers | my answer: Fubuki Quotes!! XD "No matter how many points yo...
Inazuma Eleven

Which couple is your favorite?

2 answers | my answer: Fubuki x Konko and Ichinose x Aki... either..
Inazuma Eleven


10 answers | my answer: endou-kantoku don't leave us!!! lol
Inazuma Eleven

As I've seen so far most of the people here are crazy about Fubuki.If you are too then why?If you aren't why not?

11 answers | my answer: Yeah.. I'm crazy about him..All of my classmates kn...
Inazuma Eleven

Are you really REALLY crazy about Hiroto?why?If not WHY????????

8 answers | my answer: Nope I'm not crazy about him.. I just like him. Cau...
Inazuma Eleven


9 answers | my answer: They'll never do that. Cause my Mother is a teacher...
Inazuma Eleven

did u thought that endou X aki and gouenji X natsumi?

7 answers | my answer: I've only thought of Endou x Aki. My sister only to...
Inazuma Eleven

give me funny pic of axel blaze/gouenji

10 answers | my answer: hehehe
Inazuma Eleven

0_o ??????????

3 answers | my answer: Well, I'll be sad, but the episodes must go on, cau...
Inazuma Eleven

Post the pic of INAZUMA Brothers and Sisters.

10 answers | my answer: Fubuki Twins!! :D