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joisyhearts said about Damon & Elena
Okay for the whole connection between Silas and his love and Stefan and Elena.... I get how people can be upset about that and how SE was "destined to be together" but maybe there's another way to think about it. Like in the Titanic, Jack and Rose were not accepted by society at that time but was beyond society and represented a love that we wished to see in the future. Damon and Elena aren't "accepted" by society because they challenge Caroline, Bonnie, etc's ideas of what love should be. Posted 4 months ago
joisyhearts commented…
Like society may not believe they are destined to be together, because they do not have a conventional, safe relationship. But what does "safe" mean in the end when there's no passion or depth to the love? 4 months ago
joisyhearts said about Damon & Elena
SE fans have been saying that there's a parallel between Silas and his "long lost love" and Stefan and Elena, because Stefan is Silas's doppelganger. True or not true? There's no real evidence of that being a connection that the producers thought of, but do you think that it means they will end up together?
But for Damon and Elena, Damon was the one who actually met Elena first and when he did as a "stranger" Posted 11 months ago
joisyhearts commented…
He knew that Elena wanted a love that was passionate and consumed her and made her question her life and that was kind of a parallel for when Elena met Damon again and fell in love with him. 11 months ago
joisyhearts commented…
Well, I think the Silas parallel may be a bit of a stretch, because of how different Katherine and Elena are (and they are supposed doppelgangers) I mean, Katherine preferred Stefan and chose him over Damon, and Elena ended up choosing Damon over Stefan. Like they are so different that there's no "parallel" between the two. And their personalities are like polar opposites. So I'm not sure how they can assume that Stefan is in the same position as "Silas" and has the same fate . 11 months ago
loveofdelena commented…
lol. that would be one lameass storyline if it where played out, it would destroy the basis of the show, since we know that the show has been heading towards delena from season one. 10 months ago
joisyhearts said about Damon & Elena
I'm so happy because now finally, the SE fans can't say that Elena only loves Damon because of the sire bond. Damon was her clear choice. But I still dont really like what they are saying about Stefan being right for her and Damon not, because he does terrible things. I feel like they are so blind to how far Damon has come from season 1, and Damon is not the same person he was before at all. I genuinely believe love changed him, and they dont address at all Stefan's flaws Posted 11 months ago
joisyhearts commented…
I'm still confused as to why SE is the "epic" love and the "main couple" of the TV show. Like they keep referring to SE as an epic couple and I honestly don't know what they are talking about. In my opinion SE is like a "typical" high school relationship and is not different or more amazing than any other "typical" couple. 11 months ago
joisyhearts commented…
I dont get why they are still considered the main couple, b/c well, now the obvious reason: DE are officially together and the show is not all about them, and besides, they arent even that popular. Okay that was mean lol, but still. SE fans are kind of self centered in saying that bc there are other characters on the show besides them and many other good relationships (Klaroline? Hello?) 11 months ago
delenasalvatore commented…
I haven't seen SE as the 'main couple' since the very early days (S1-2), and that was only because there weren't really any other relationships that were given as much attention/screen-time as theirs in the romantic sense. The writers gave DE a much bigger journey, whereas they just spoon-fed SE fans what they wanted straight away. 11 months ago