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jrlaurie said about Huddy
Post your questions to Lisa Edelstein on link she may answer them in an upcoming video... But please, good questions. I'm quite disappointed with some I read there. Posted over a year ago
evropia commented…
Just asked the most important question of all.....;} over a year ago
jrlaurie said about Huddy
Just voted BDA in PCA: Lisa Edelstein! Man, she's hot in that pic! Lobe it! Posted over a year ago
jrlaurie said about Huddy
Hey, Huddy girls, do u know where I can find the ep. Airborne? (for free) I know that's old but that is also I regret missing, 'cause that's prob the only chance we got to c House taking care of a sick Cuddy. Posted over a year ago
Katia1997 commented…
House MD, Season 3, from torrent link over a year ago
jrlaurie commented…
@Katia1997, love u :) over a year ago
jrlaurie said about Huddy
U know, I've been thinking that maybe, just maybe, once ep 8 was mostly 'bout lying, maybe the leaked ep itself was a huge lie! I am going to watch Fox tonight anyway, and hopefully it was only a big trap for us. Posted over a year ago
HuddyPausa commented…
I hope so, I do not like. I was expecting something much more Huddy! over a year ago
evropia commented…
Me too...but i am afraid that was the real thing....Why would they do that....? over a year ago
houseandcuddy7 commented…
Same thing can't believe it was leaked that's not good over a year ago
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D4625 gave me props for my comments
Acho que é montagem,vi em uma comunidade gostei e peguei!
hehehehe. Posted over a year ago
jrlaurie said about Huddy
I loved that ep. The male hooker? Awesome :) Now do u guys know the name of the song playing in the final scenes? Posted over a year ago
sindy2507 commented…
es: "At the end of the day" - Doug Paisley over a year ago
jrlaurie commented…
Thx Sindy over a year ago
jrlaurie said about Huddy
Oh PLEASE guys, will someone post the script of this ep. already. It was so freAKING good!!! I need to know all lines! I LOBE being a huddy! Posted over a year ago
rue0613 commented…
Your request is incredibly difficult to do... XD... Even for crazy obessed fans like us... XD over a year ago
jrlaurie said about Huddy
Are u guys meeting after the season premiere? It would b cool we meet up online to check each other's temperature or if someone died of a heart attack ;) Posted over a year ago
walkingangel commented… can you check dead man's temperature, cause judging from the promos nobody will survive...:) over a year ago
playingcold commented…
I'm sure we'll be here ;) over a year ago
evropia commented…
Even as zombies ew will....:) over a year ago
jrlaurie commented…
Oh, shoot I forgot I just can watch it on Tuesday when it already leaked in the web. U American Huddies, I'm so envious of u ;) over a year ago