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Hey how have you been?? :) Posted 1 day ago
big smile
LittleMissBook said …
I choose 'Princess' as the next theme ^-^ Posted 1 day ago
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Have you seen any good tv lately?

Over the summer I was like really obsessed with Grey's Anatomy XD Well I still like it but I can't watch as much cause of school... Posted 7 days ago
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Omg a 4 month summer break!! Awesome XD
I'm gonna have a long one too cause I'm graduating so I get to leave a couple weeks earlier than everyone else and college starts like later than high school so I'll have like 3 months or something. It's only october and I'm already all like excited for summer this is pathetic. Posted 7 days ago
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Have you like decided on a major or anything yet in school? 7 days ago
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Lol you reply way faster than me I always feel so slow ^^'

Yea your workload sounds horrible I'm sorry :( I have to do a bunch of shit for school too ugh. Pretty much the same stuff as you lol presentations, writing papers, all that :P I have to do so much textbook reading which like honestly I don't mind if it's interesting cause it's not really hard work or anything but some of it is just so fucking boring and useless lol. Posted 7 days ago
kakukun said about Kuroko no Basuke
((Super duper late post))

I just read the last chapter of the manga :( Gah it's so sad to see it end. It has been one of my favorite sports anime. Oooh, but the next season is super exciting!! :D Posted 13 days ago
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I choose 'singing for the next icon contest theme Posted 21 days ago
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Hey! :D Yea geez it has been a really long time.

I'm good but like pretty busy with school like usual lol so nothing new :P
I'm sick right now it's gross. Just a cold or something ugh I think it's just this time of the year everyone starts getting sick and stuff.

But omg hows college going??! When did you start? Is it fun or stressful or what lol tell me about it! Posted 22 days ago
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I'm in the middle of filling out college apps and writing essays and shit right now XD 22 days ago
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Oh this is my new account since I can't access to my old account anymore, next theme I pick "anime crush" if it's allowed that is ^^. Posted 29 days ago
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Alright then! C: I'm so sorry to hear about your other account :( 29 days ago
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I wanna ask about the 20 in 20 icon contest, in blue do you mean sad or do you mean a blue background, sorry for asking but I saw 2 people post both meanings so I got a bit confused. Posted 1 month ago
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I meant for it to be blue :) 29 days ago
kakukun commented…
as in a dominantly blue color, sorry if it was unclear ^^" 28 days ago