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akaisora0 gave me props for my images
Oh this is my new account since I can't access to my old account anymore, next theme I pick "anime crush" if it's allowed that is ^^. Posted 3 days ago
kakukun commented…
Alright then! C: I'm so sorry to hear about your other account :( 2 days ago
akaisora0 gave me props for my images
I wanna ask about the 20 in 20 icon contest, in blue do you mean sad or do you mean a blue background, sorry for asking but I saw 2 people post both meanings so I got a bit confused. Posted 3 days ago
kakukun commented…
I meant for it to be blue :) 3 days ago
kakukun commented…
as in a dominantly blue color, sorry if it was unclear ^^" 2 days ago
LittleMissBook said …
I just wanna say that i have changed my icons in the 20 in 20 icon contest ^-^ Posted 4 days ago
kakukun commented…
noted! ^^ 4 days ago
kakukun commented…
please note that you cannot change your character. 4 days ago
LittleMissBook commented…
All right ^-^ 4 days ago
zoebroda said …
I choose 'water' for the next theme in the icon contest Posted 7 days ago
The anime's about to end :(( Just when we were getting closer to the training camp TT_TT Posted 8 days ago
LittleMissBook said …
I choose 'Fire' as the next theme ^-^ Posted 9 days ago
mass1zz gave me props for my videos
Happy birthday sis <3 I'm sorry if I can't reply to you on twitter. My messages are messed up ;-; Anyway, I hope you have an amazing birthday I love youu <3 Posted 12 days ago
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eto humihinga pa naman lol
ikaw, musta na senpai?
sorry di na ko masyadong active dito lately pero tatry kong dumadalaw parin ako Posted 13 days ago
Neko-Tohka said …
senpaaaaiiiii~ i miss you Posted 16 days ago
akaisora gave me props for my images
LOVE your new Haikyuu!! icon <3 Posted 17 days ago
kakukun commented…
thank you! C: 16 days ago