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Thought Id give you a prop :D Posted 14 days ago
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Yes omg Steve Carell is fucking hilarious. Seriously watching the office just helps me relax cause it's so funny and just like lighthearted like you don;t have to think while watching it lol

I also love Dwight as a character lol he's the best seriously he always makes me laugh my ass off

What season are you on right now? :D or have you already finished it? Posted 27 days ago
bubblegum_kiss gave me props for my videos
LOL same XD I have so many novels that I bought or like got from the library and I really do want to read them and they've been lying around by room for months on end and like I really do want to read them! but yea i always end up just watching tv instead. Posted 27 days ago
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Yea I might try watching it over break I don't know I mean it DOES look good but I just always hesitate when something is that popular lol

For the past like 2 days I've been obsessively watching this reality show I found about this woman who renovates old houses that are like falling apart and ruined and she makes them look like they did when they were made which was like in the 20s
I mean I kinda just like it cause she's making fixing shit and making cool furniture and it's awesome Posted 27 days ago
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Wait you're taking up your own business??? Like you're starting a new business yourself? :o

That sounds intense Posted 27 days ago
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Ok the Christmas stuff here has like officially started too lol they're selling Christmas stuff everywhere. I'm starting to get kinda hyped XD
Now I need to start thinking about getting people presents though lol

and yeessssss food is definitely one of the best parts of the holidays :9 Posted 27 days ago
bubblegum_kiss gave me props for my pop quiz questions
When I was younger I didn't like it though lol because no one at school would know it was my birthday and they wouldn't bring me cupcakes or anything XD

actually.....I still wish people would bring me cupcakes lol but I'd rather not have to get up and go to class Posted 27 days ago
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My long break is coming up up in like meh 2 or 3 weeks and I get a couple weeks off so yaaaay I can't wait. School is gonna be hell before that though cause everyone is gonna cram a ton of work in and you can bet there's gonna be work of the break lol
Buuuut I'm still looking forward to it XD

Yea it is cool I never have school on my birthday ever cause it's on the 27th of December so right after Christmas and there's always vacation for like 2 weeks around christmas Posted 27 days ago
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Uuuuuugh seriously i'm like in the same position as you where like for some reason this year my school was like oh well why don't we just have this year be all about plays and poetry and teach them at the same time.
And my lit teacher seriously hasn't been teaching us anything about the poetry like he just gives it to us and he's like ok do some analysis and in a month you're gonna have a huge exam aaaaaaah

Seriously poetry is the worst it study makes no sense to me Posted 27 days ago
bubblegum_kiss commented…
*is the worst to study, it makes no sense to me. I have apparently lost the ability to speak my first language fluently 27 days ago
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Haha yeah!! XD Well he is really great and all and other characters of his movies are also great!! :') But do get your feels sorted out first, Captain America movies always make us bawl our eyes out. ><

Aww I feel bad. Well, I just watched Big Hero 6 and it was so great!! <3 Tragic, entertaining and joyful at same time!! :D There are also Interstellar, Fury and John Wick out there, which are supposed to be as I haven't watched them yet, though I wanna soon. ^^;; Posted 1 month ago
IamKyon commented…
Btw, sorry for late reply!! >< Had exams!! :(( 1 month ago