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Anywhere, the world is such a big place and there so many I want to see with my own eyes.
Yeah, that;s why I need to make the right choice now.
So true, if I am not popular no one will even know my website exist! lol time is something I wish I could destroy xD
Yes, people with suits are scary, I don't want to wear suits everyday in my future! I don't want to be one of them! xD
True, I wish I could go to US with a snap of a finger and taadaa I got tickets to US lol Posted 14 hours ago
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Yeah, we have to worry about all those, the stress is real! Everyone says just enjoy life while young but how can we enjoy if there isn't anything for us to enjoy about 14 hours ago
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so true, I bought a leather jacket once it was quite expensive, then after a year I lost it so I went back to the same shop to buy 1 again, but the price gone up! wth?! it's the same leather jacket! 14 hours ago
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actually I heard we can change it back to our old ones, it will be saved but still I think it's annoying that we have to pay to change to new ones. 14 hours ago
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Hmm, good choice, I like girls with wavy hair lol! xD light blue like blue topaz are really nice, hahahaha 185 is too tall for you? xD 14 hours ago
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Courses for a permit takes over a year, but I would like to take it to the next level where I can go overseas to to make up, that would take over 3-5 years. I'm still working on which to choose, not to mention I would also love to be an animal trainer; being close to animals is kind of my thing lol.
Yeah, I thought the same about starting a website for my shots; depends on what career I take and time is really a pain, if I hv no time the website would be wasted. Life is hard haha Posted 16 hours ago
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Yes, we need more insane, natural people instead of those walking around wearing suits pretending to be professionals, which has no difference with a zombie, honestly 16 hours ago
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True, that;s why I want to pledge myself to work harder so I can go to US, I hv dreams on traveling, places to see but damn that dream is quite far xD 16 hours ago
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Well, no choice; the world chose to have everything at a cost, so money is important. not to mention; prices always goes up every year, even students need to work part time now a days. Even Fanpop requires us to hv Gold just to hv profile banners and all! lol 16 hours ago
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What would your hair type be, curly, wavy, straight? For me, I think I like to keep it simple, hair would be a little longer that it would cover my eye brows, hazel color hair, maybe light blue eyes like blue topaz type of blue, skin color would be simple not too tann not to bright white, height maybe 185? lol 16 hours ago
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Sounds good, but I still need to take training course first to be good at it and to get a permit for a job, unless people won't hire me even if I told them I know how to do make up.
if I become successful at make up, I will do you free haha.
I also thought of photographing since I love taking photos of surroundings .. ahh choices choices.
same, karma's a b*tch :3
You can go insane once you reach real life, but I hope you will hv a bright future :p Posted 1 day ago
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so true, but who cares ; we are the ones enjoying life while they continue to teach more students, and I hope the student they teach after me is waaaay worse than I am xD I always wanted to live in US too, there is so many ways to annoy your teacher 1 day ago
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Yeah .. I am sick of all the walls that I hv to climb just to achieve a good pay that can support my life, and if that wall breaks down .. I hv to start from scrap again, but you know what old folks say .. we are still young lol 1 day ago
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btw, if you could design a character that is yourself, how would you design? Your hair type, color, eyes color? 1 day ago