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keepsmiling said about Michael Landon
He is my Gaurdian Angel. Has been since birth, but I didn't know it. The Lord is good. <3 Posted over a year ago
keepsmiling said about Jason Aldean
HE IS SO SEXII<3 Posted over a year ago
I like the various episodes with Jack Klugman/ Richard Long guest starring! Their the 2 top dream-boats. . . Posted over a year ago
rorymariano said …
Hi, I didn't take it off of the internet, but it was taken off by the person who had uploaded it on to youtube. I'm sorry :) Posted over a year ago
keepsmiling said about M*A*S*H*
I liked Mclean the best. :) Posted over a year ago
willow2us said …
thanks for the wall post. I love Michael Landon and met the school teacher on Little house once and she was terrific. Sweet Lady Posted over a year ago
keepsmiling said about Peter Facinelli
Peter Facinelli . . . . . sounds like a crazy-fun sex move to me!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
brittanalover commented…
totaly over a year ago
keepsmiling said about Michael Douglas
I like him more as Loutennett Stone on "Streets Of Sanfrancisco"! Look it up! You'll be amazad at the 25 year old blondieee!!!! Posted over a year ago
keepsmiling said about M*A*S*H*
I cannot bileve how many of the cast member's are dead!!! poor beutiful
Mclean Stevenson (colonel Blake), weird little frank burns, and now Colonel Potter (harry morgan) too:( R.I.P. sweet guys:)) Posted over a year ago
keepsmiling said …
Please, say so if you don't like Tony Danza or Tony Becker!Both great people! Posted over a year ago