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khzimanime000 said about girsmurf22
hello love? do u remember me? please I hope u do..... :( Posted over a year ago
khzimanime000 said about Gorillaz
I love clint eastwood, feel good inc, DARE!!!! my top three!! Posted over a year ago
khzimanime000 said about Stereopony
I love hitohira no hanabira!!!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
khzimanime000 said about girsmurf22
ello girsmurf22! remember me love? please, I hope you do....? Posted over a year ago
khzimanime000 said about Pewdiepie
HHHHH How's it goin Bro's? Mai name is PEWDIEPIE! Welcome back to SLENDER Posted over a year ago
ilovemusic2 said …
Hey, I just emailed Utada the link to a Demo CD with a catchy name that I think would be just right for her. Hear at Let me know what you think.   Posted over a year ago
iluvbroly gave me props for my images
Oh my god, that's an irken symbol!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
khzimanime000 commented…
yep! over a year ago
khzimanime000 said about Angel Beats!
like my comment if u LOOVE Naoi Ayato Posted over a year ago
Angel_Beats888 commented…
like :) over a year ago
Alchemistlover commented…
I love him XD over a year ago
RaveGirl commented…
He is so Freaking Amazeing! over a year ago
khzimanime000 said about Anime
I love Angel Beats!!!!!!! if u never heard of it, look it up!!!!! I LOVE OTONASHI, KANADE, YURI, HINADA, AND NAOI Posted over a year ago
EmoSasuSaku commented…
Naoi is my favorite :3 and Shiina over a year ago
Alchemistlover commented…
my top five: 1. Yuri 2. Kanade 3. Naoi 4. Yui 5. Hinata XD i love Otonashi to ' over a year ago
IamKyon commented…
I also love Otonashi! He is my favorite character from AB! Then Kanade-san, Yuri-san, Iwasawa-san and all others respectively ^^ over a year ago
khzimanime000 said about One Direction
Im not obsessed with one d but people, please luv Niall equally, he's left out and ur making him feel bad, I like Niall, he's funny, cool, and plain ol' strong Posted over a year ago
nivi20997 commented…
I <3 him! over a year ago
lindagalvan commented…
he's amazing and whoever doesn't like him their must be a screw loose or something over a year ago
ZoeyMalik28 commented…
Niall And All The Other Boys Are Loved Equally. xx over a year ago